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Spent most of Sunday re-reading Anthony Thornton's chapbook, THE WORLD OWES ME SOMETHING, a limited edition number produced by DAKHMA earlier this year. I got a copy when Anthony and I both read at the Swingers event organized by the lovely Joseph Whitt.

The chapbook is so good. I've long-admired Anthony's writing, across his infamous Twitter and his Tumblr account, and was always a big fan of the lady rap exhortations on his legendary (and sadly defunct) blog Li'l Dicks That Can't Fuck. I had heard tell that he was working on a chapbook in preparation for the reading, and was really excited to read his poetry. It does not disappoint. Anthony's writing is both magnanimous and catty, seething and sensitive. It's really dense; he takes his time. He's not in a rush.

From "Night of Pan":
The ineffable parent doles out
the Primal spanking.
Men are reconstituted
and forever anally punished.
I'm a big fan. Too bad that DAKHMA is no longer producing the zine and it is only being produced on a private basis. HOWEVER, I'm really excited to find out (kind of late to the game) that Anthony has put out a new chapbook (in PDF form) which includes the hits from THE WORLD... and the new chapbook is called Is my voice alive? 

PRESS NOTES: You’ve retweeted him, now really read him! Mystical, sensual, and anecdotal triads effortlessly whirl and ooze dark matter in Anthony Thornton’s debut chapbook of poetry, Is my voice alive? The title itself refers to the poet’s tendency to revitalize and remix the eroding Ineffable found throughout Western history. Read by moonlight.


The PDF is really wonderful. I may not be the most equipped to make this judgment, but these don't read like the poems of someone who's just starting out. They read like the poems of someone who knows that they're doing. Like that stereotype about a lawyer in a courtroom, he never asks the witness a question unless he already knows what the answer is. Of course his voice is alive. Of course the world owes him something.

I'm told there will be a website and a new print edition with artwork coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

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