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I was complaining a few weeks ago about this experience I had where I kept noticing people dropping money, and I wasn't picking it up (for whatever reason). I explained it to my Analyst in terms of me not wanting to be the guy who depends upon luck. I don't want to be an opportunist. I don't want to think that my good fortune to relies on the carelessness of others. But last week, everywhere I go, I keep finding dimes. Eventually I started picking them up. Wasn't the first or second self-released Sarah Dougher cassette called "Hand-Made Luck"? I've always liked that title. You know, in between The Lookers and her first solo album on K.

I feel quite a bit behind. I have a ton of work I ought to be doing. I did basically nothing today, I bought socks. Last night was Sister Pico and Dr. Perez' birthday party, at a Karaoke place in Koreatown. I normally don't go in for that karaoke stuff, but I got really into it. The sake helped. That was pretty much all the socializing I did this weekend. I bought some new socks at Uniqlo today.

I once used to go out with this really, really cute boy who was into fashion. And on one of our dates, we had to kind of watch ourselves, because we were getting really drunk with dinner, and neither of us wanted to be hungover at work the next day. We traded hangover cures. I told him that when I'm hungover, sometimes eating an apple helps. I don't like green apples, so I don't know if they work, but for some reason eating a red apple helps me when I have a hangover. Helps me focus. My date said that when he's hungover, he goes to Uniqlo before work to buy socks. "Because" he said, "at least then, I know it's like... okay, I did something productive today." I asked him what he would do if he didn't need socks. "You always need socks," he said. I couldn't argue with that. I did envy his seemingly insatiable appetite for socks. I bought some today but I don't feel like dropping the $10 signifies my productivity. I'm still hungover. I also haven't had any apples.

I'm going to be in a group art show on WEDNESDAY which if you're in NYC you should come to. This is a really cute group of people, and I am so excited to be part of it. Shane Shane asked a bunch of NYC denizens to take photos of our nightlife escapades with disposable cameras. I am by far the least adventurous of any of the amazing folks involved, so my interpretation of "nightlife" may differ significantly from the rest of the show, but I think it'll be a cute time. I also haven't seen my photos, or any of the photos in the show, so it'll all be new to me. It's hosted by Strange Loop Gallery and the Bureau of Goods and Services - Queer Division. Please come!


12 artists selected by Shane Shane are handed a disposable camera to document themselves as they partake in the glorious nightlife...

With work from:
Hari Nef - Reve - Trey LaTrash - Jordan Fox - Max Steele - Jake Dibeler - M Lamar - Dusty Childers - Ben Rosenberg - Stephen Boyer - Alberto Cortes - Krys Fox - Leo Gugu - Shane Shane

Finally (and speaking of hangovers), a real highlight of the weekend is another episode of Saint Mx Justin Vivian Bond's DRUNK NEWS. This is officially my new favorite TV show, YouTube project, news source, etc.

It's Sunday night and I just chugged a bunch of maté. I'm cooking my lunches for the week. I dropped off my laundry. I'm taking off my ill-planned nail polish (I have some very glamorous meetings this week, for which I'll need to be both blank and "camera-ready"). I'm going to attempt to edit a story for the upcoming Birdsong anthology tonight, do a little bit of work on ENCOURAGER as well as finish my first-ever POEM for an upcoming issue of Scorcher, luxuriate in my botanical toiletries ("Je vais prendre une douche") and order Thai food before passing out early. I barely slept last night. I feel pretty gross.

But it's okay to feel gross!

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Chronic Cactus said...

hmm, any chance you have any MP3's/spare copy of Sarah's 'Hand Made Luck' album? been looking for it for awhile! thanks