Mink Coat in the Seventh Grade

I had a pretty good weekend, I went to at least one Holiday party every night. I ate tone of really rich food, which I would normally not be into. Kind of letting myself go. It's Monday. I feel like Hell.  So I've been watching and re-watching the Lil' Kim interview on the Isaac Mizrahi show.

They constantly mug for the camera, rolling their eyes. They seem to turn and smile with to imagined audience. There is no studio audience. There is no laugh track. There are no viewers. I mean, there's us, watching the video, but we know that we're not really there.

Isaac: "You have a real sense of fashion, Kim!"
Kim: "Aww, thanks! You too!"

It's clear that they have only the slightest notion of who each other are. Which is okay. I guess Isaac has heard, maybe, one of Kim's songs, ever. She doesn't seem to know what he's about. They're both really good painters, though.

Isaac: "Would you rap for us a little something? Would you... say something?"

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