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Full Moon in Leo last night. Not sure what I was meant to feel, personally, but I sure did feel something. I had a very quiet, meditative day. My performances done for the moment, I spent a long morning at the gym, took myself to lunch at Vanessa's, finished reading Sarah Schulman's heartbreaking and genius "The Gentrification of the Mind". Did laundry, painted my nails. Just chilling, you know? The big excitement was that Perfect Little Daniel and I went last night to go see Kim Gordon's new band with Bill Nace, Body/Head, at Union Pool. I saw Miss Isaac and Miss David there too. We were all excited to get to see KG such a small venue. During one of the opening acts (this cute boy making psychic evil computer noise, charming and I liked it) I heard a woman kind of complaining about something. I wouldn't say whining, but I did think: "Why is this lady talking so much during the nerd performance" and it was KG talking logistics about moving gear or something. Am I being creepy? I wasn't eavesdropping. I was kinda starstruck though and moseyed away. I bought a drink. Everyone, including KG and me and everyone in the room, was wearing parkas with fur-lined hoods. It was a cute moment.

Anyway, the show was great. You know, PLD and I's band B0DYH1GH, has had a truly unbelievable rise to the top of the top of the cream of the culture. I think I speak for both of us when I say that we really do have the nicest fans. Oddly enough, most of B0DYH1GH's fans tend to be very well-connected and culturally-significant movers and shakers. And, get this, our fanbase is distinguished (at least to my mind) by being mostly blonde white women. I think that's sort of curious, but maybe it's because we used to always wear those blonde weaves. But these girls are wandering into our shows, our front rows, nonstop! That internationally famous blonde american fashion editor who made the trip down to deep Gowanus Brooklyn caves to see us in our new dresses. The famous actress and legendary NYC style icon/party girl who checked us out in our New Year's attic performance a while ago. I could go on and on. I think maybe our famous blonde white woman thing started with PLD and his relationship to/with Gwyneth. Which, you know, I can't abide. Anyways these blonde celebrity gals love us. And so seeing this new development was such a treat. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and they're usually right. We're so tickled to be paid homage, who wouldn't be? By one of our biggest fans and inspirations.

They're a new act, so we wanted to show our support.

In all seriousness, the performance was amazing. It's so weird to me how most people only know and love KG for her work in Sonic Youth. I mean, that totally makes sense, but her own work apart from the band has always been so much more exciting, funny, intense, and wild. Last night was especially wild. Union Pool is so small, it was a real treat to get to see it up close. (SIDENOTE: I once got thrown out of that bar, for holding something contraband for my then-boyfriend while he tied his shoes (seriously). The bouncer saw me and threw me out. Outside the bar, I started to call my then-boyfriend to get him to come out, and when he came outside and saw me dialing my phone, teased me: "Oh, are you doing that, 'pretend-to-be-making-a-call-because-you're-embarrassed' thing?")

Kim and Bill have a real great, groovy and versatile sound. In surprisingly melodic and ambient moments, it seems quite poppy. At other times almost violent. Kim's moves onstage were so great. It reminded me of the performance I saw a couple years ago, this insanely amazing benefit for... Writer's House? I forget. It was a bunch of wonderful legendary artists, Carolee Schneemann, Yvonne Rainer, Eileen Myles. And Kim Gordon. She read a piece about watching a guy rock star swing his guitar around. And then she had a guitar plugged into an amp which she put on and swung around. Then, I swear to god, she put the guitar down on the stage and humped it until it screeched with feedback. It was amazing.

And last night was like that: sexy and scary and brilliant. Kim Gordon is a hero. Thanks KG and you're welcome KG.

For those of you curious about B0DYH1GH, we'll be playing at the inimitable Shane Shane's party FANCY on 2/15. I'm so excited to be part of it, and to be on this bill! Shane Shane put together a lil video teaser for it:

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