I didn't get tickets for the special Breeders show, the website sold out in under a minute. I think it was rigged (naturally). But they announced that they're going to add more dates, so I guess I'll just buy tickets then? As a teenager, I used to fantasize about how great my adult life would be, specifically because I could buy tickets to any concert I wanted, and I wouldn't have to get a parent to go with me. My parents used to go with me to concerts. My mom and I saw Portishead together. My dad and I saw the Creatures a few times. It kind of became our thing, though he did say more than a few times how "unprofessional" Siouxsie was, in the sense that she took so long to take the stage.

I heard a rumor from one of my fun New York City queer art friends that Siouxsie is currently living in San Francisco with a lesbian lover. I want that to be true. I want that for her. But I do have my doubts. Hasn't she spoken about not being gay? About wishing she was gay? I mean, everyone wishes they were gay.

Gay means happy, and who doesn't want that?

Here's a great video of Kim Gordon's performance in Body/Head at Union Pool last weekend:

So amazing, right? This is the "Actress, Actress" song I was talking about. A total highlight. Wish you could have been there.

Also, here is an interview I just did with 12 QUESTIONS. I'm duly flattered to be asked to be part of this rad site, especially sandwiched as I am betwixt Francesca Lia Block (!) and Dame Darcy (!). How bizarre and wonderful.

Going to an Art lecture by dear heart Alex Da Corte, then going to Analysis, then going Home to Cook Dinner. I'm pooped. I went out last night to the Drink and then to the last Les Garçons au Baron party. Good times. I'm not scared of going out on weeknights anymore.

There's really nothing to be scared of, you guys. It's basically never the right idea.

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