I'll Take My Clothes Off in Meteor Showers

What's your favorite Mirah record? Mine is probably Storageland. I bought it at the Capitol Theater in 2000 at Ladyfest after seeing her perform. Mirah had been selling vegan samosas or tamales from a backpack around the theater that week. (She was running a restaurant called the Red Horse Cafe in Olympia at the time). I remember onstage in between songs, Mirah told the audience that she was selling these vegan samosas (or tamales, I can't remember) but that the dough, actually had honey in it. She apologized, because she couldn't find bulk brown rice syrup to use, and had to use honey instead. "I've made my peace with the bees."

Feeling a little bit  sorry that I didn't write any of these things down earlier. I meant to talk about how great it's been on the monk tip, not really going out at night and just focusing focusing on the ENCOURAGER works in progress show I did this weekend. I thought that I would have to stop being a monk. But I didn't stop, so it's as if nothing was missed.

I did perform an early draft of maybe the first half of ENCOURAGER, this new performance I'm working on, at Brooklyn Arts Exchange this weekend. So many near and dear friends came, I was really touched. Thank you. I think the performances went well.

I'm pretty loathe to feel good about myself or something I did. It's mildly dissociative to feel so bad about yourself and then talk about it and have other people not feel bad. It's a good thing! I guess what I mean is that at a certain point (I can actually pinpoint it-- when Molly Pope was singing an unaccountably beautiful cover of Modest Mouse's "Float On" on New Year's Eve), things came together. Or started to become apparent that they were together and that it was actually okay. I don't know how to put it. I've just been realizing more and more how much I've been worrying about what's gonna happen on the Trip, how I'm gonna feel about the Trip, etc. And waking up to the fact that I'm missing the Trip by worrying about it.

It sounds counterintuitive to me, but the more you pay attention, the more good things you notice. It's counterintuitive because then you also notice the bad things too. So it's a gamble. One I haven't been really interested in taking for a while, and I'm kind of getting into it.

As much as I'd like to think that the Internet is a kind of magically anonymous utopian place, I think I can be real: if you're reading this, we probably already know each other, or are friends, or would be if we knew each other. As the ever-inspirational Doctor Mary Beth Ditto says: "I've never met a stranger." So I feel I can be honest, patient reader: I've been on such a bummer tip for a while now. And working it out on here, or not working it out. And so today I'm just trying to catalog and notate the fact that I don't feel like I'm on quite so much of a bummer anymore, right now.

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