It's been a year since Whitney Houston died, and a year since we had a party. I want someone to throw a house party (but not my house). I'm in the mood to party. On Friday night I performed at Pussy Faggot at Public Assembly. It was a lot of fun. To pre-game, I hung out in the apartment below mine with my new downstairs neighbors Jessica Paps, Sister Tommy Pico, Perfect Little Daniel, and we were graced by the miss Lola Savitz, always a highlight. We hung out in Jess' new room, right beneath mine, and had fun until I accidentally broke a martini glass. I was mortified. So then I went to Public Assembly for the show.

Got to see such lovely other folks. Earl really outdid herself. I think that my set went pretty good, I did a lot of covers (Helium's "Pat's Trick", Huggy Bear's "Sizzlemeet"), watched a bunch of fun performers, and probably drank too much tequila. Saturday was hard! I went to an art show with Sam in Bushwick, I went for a drink at the Standard but got too exhausted and left early. Sunday I had a fantastic meeting inPark Slope as part of this BAX residency, it was sort of perfect. I chatted with BFF Bobo and did some strolling around Manhattan. I always go from extreme leisure to extreme panic. Now it's the week, I'm Panicking because I have so much to do.

FIRST OF ALL: if you're in NYC, please come to the reading tomorrow night at the Bureau of General services - Queer Division, to celebrate the release of SATANICA, the new arts/literary journal edited by Christopher Stoddard and Gio Black Peter. I'm going to read my new piece, and also reading are Gio Black Peter, Christopher Stoddard, Bruce Benderson, Slava Mogutin, and Micki Pellerano. More info at the Facebook invite HERE.

And then on Friday night, please come see B0DYH1GH perform at Shane-Shane's amazing party FANCY. We've been practicing a lot, have a very special springtime-inducing cover, and some new looks. I think it's going to be one of our better shows. When was the last time you saw B0DYH1GH perform? More info on the party HERE.

Promo video again:

So the Pope resigned. In college I played drums in this punk band called the Thrusty Man-Tongues and our big hit song was "I Wanna Smoke Some Dope with the Pope". I sing a sort of disco version of it by myself. I haven't in a long time but maybe I ought to. It was about (of course) smoking pot with the pope, the old one. The last one, the one who died. Here's Gio Black Peter's song "Pope Sex":

This week is also Valentine's Day. I don't have a Valentine. I basically never do. I feel sort of miffed at the world of Valentine's right now. I'm angry and feeling rejected. Whatever. Fuck this candy bullshit.


- Ugly and in love (with another Ugly person) --OR-- be single and and gorgeous?

Gross right? I want to be like Murphy Brown. Perpetually bouncing back between both, never resting. Like a shark.

My favorite drag queen in New York City, Linda Simpson, just released a new song about NYC nightlife called "Party of Three":

Cute, n'est-ce pas? Somebunny better call that big-time music producer and tell him to make a single! I was gonna say it's great how the people in the song's names all rhyme; like, how cool that was, I had never noticed it. But they don't rhyme, really, it's just that the magic of Linda Simpson can make them sound like they do. I haven't been to her legendary Bingo nights in a very long time and I really want to.

God, that's what I need. A Svengali. That's what we all need. Someone to show up (appear) and tell you what to do and how to change everything. Who doesn't need that? But, you know, that's kind of magickal thinking, that thing of wanting someone to swoop in and make everything better. Because who's that gonna be, who's going to save your life for you? God? Plus, we all know that when we do find these so-called Svengalis on Earth, they usually turn out to not to be so great. It's one of those unfulfillable desires.

Really into these Comme des Garçons x Hermès scarves. There was a party at the CdG boutique in Chelsea to celebrate them. It's not the type of thing I would ever get invited to. But I want to be! I want to work in the fashion industry, I want to work for CdG. I don't know if that's possible, or what I could do to make that happen. I wonder what I would need to do, what he circumstances would be for that to happen. Curious-making. In the meantime I can pine for $1000 silk scarves.

I don't know what I could do for them as a company. Probably many things. I'm smart. I love it. I am down, so to speak with the general conceptual MO of the company.

Great advice, always. But I don't have a ton of retail experience. I've written many, many times to the administration, applying for every job they ever post. Nothing doing. Someday. Or not. Fulfillable wishes. Stay on track. I want these scarves but I also want everything.

Oh look, someone actually did take a video of my New Year's Eve performance of PJ Harvey's "reeling" at Dixon Place:

What a day. What a week.

James Franco is having an art show in Berlin and the name of his art show is GAY TOWN. I must admit that I think that's a pretty dumb name.

I think FAG CITY is a much better name.

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