Friday Lion Tips

Rob Brezsny:
July 23-August 22nd
The history of your pain is entering a new phase. Gradually, almost imperceptibly at first, an emotional ache that has been sapping your vitality will begin to diminish. You will free yourself of its power to define you. You will learn to live without its oddly seductive glamour. More and more, as the weeks go by, you will find yourself less interested in it, less attracted to the maddening mystery it has foisted on you. No later than mid-April, I'm guessing that you will be ready to conduct a ritual of completion; you'll be able to give it a formal send-off as you squeeze one last lesson out of it.

Jessica Lanyadoo:
July 23-Aug. 22
Taking full responsibility for your life and the things you are committed it to needs to be priority-one, Leo. Your world thrives based on the delicate balance between how you’re handling the present in concert with what you’ve got on the horizon. Don’t invite anything new into your life this week.

Barry Perlman:
LEO (July 23-August 22)
That unguarded quality your heart is presently brandishing, Leo, comes with its advantages and its dangers, you should know. The major advantage—and it's a big one—is that you now find yourself being inordinately exposed to some of the grandest, deepest, fullest and most intensely instructive feelings known to humankind. Though this magnified level of emotional engagement isn't always pleasant to shoulder, it is friggin' real… the stuff of epic love-stories, legendary feats, poignantly tragic plot-twists and/or consummate experiences one might brave in order to touch the high heights and bargain-basement bottomings-out that, at the end of the day, help us put everything into perspective. You must appreciate, then, that by the time you've muddled through your involvement with all this, your psychological insights into the human condition will be sharper and more sophisticated than ever. The danger, of course, is your exaggerated sensitivity: Other people currently have more direct access to your tender spots, making you that much easier to woo, impress, inspire, convince, manipulate and/or injure. You're already typically more of a softy than folks give you credit for being… only, now, you might lapse too far into compassionate generosity, at the expense of certain necessary self-protective measures, if you're not careful.

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