Elaine and the Bad Ladies Who Lunch Seeds

Friday night I did hustle through a sandwich and a quick-change before going with the PLD back up to midtown to see a workshop presentation of Julia Crockett and Colin Self's new multimedia dance/performance piece ME DOING YOU DOING ELVIS. It was really fantastic. Just, on a formal level, really gorgeous and smart. But also really hard! Challenging! I think a lot of times the idea of the spectacle gets a bad rap, that the idea of "flattening" somehow implies ease, facility, simplicity, rather than the sort of layering or coding that I think ought to be recognized as the gesture. Elvis swaying his hips and snapping his finger is never "just" Elvis. What I'm trying to say is that ME DOING YOU... was complex and difficult in a way that I thought was generous. It gave me a lot to chew on. There was some unpacking there, and I appreciated being given the opportunity (as an audience member) to step up to the plate in that way. The dancers worked very hard, and I can tell that Colin and Julia have put a lot of work into the piece. I'm excited to see where it goes next. Also of course there were fantastic costumes by BCALLA, my favorite American Clothing Designer. Super fun.

The performance was free so I showed my support for the arts by buying lots of glasses of wine. I soon found myself more that bit drunk and it was the ripe old hour of, like 9:30. Good job, Billy. I slunk back home and hung out in the downstairs apartment with PLD, Ponyboy Deegs (who's new zine has just been published by Birdsong), Paps, Sister Pico and the lovely Lola. I'm so happy to have all of them downstairs!

On Saturday I went to the Whitney to see the Jay DeFeo exhibit. It was a gorgeous day and I was by myself, just blissing out in the sunlight on a warm day in my favorite New York neighborhood, the Upper East Side. I saw a short person hustling down the street in sensible white shoes and a full-length fur coat, which I thought was weird. And I mean really hauling ass down 74th street. As they passed me I saw them grimacing and realized that it was Eliane Stritch. I finally had my Stritch sighting! I feel like so many other people I know have run into her or seen her around town, so I feel sort of blessed. I had heard that she's leaving New York to return to Michigan soon, so it does feel quite lucky to have gotten to see her.

Obviously the Whitney was rad. I adore DeFeo's work, and am often talking about it. I went to see a retrospective of her work at the Whitney when I was in college, and seeing The Rose for the first time had a really profound impact on me. That piece is why I went back on Saturday, and is absolutely worth the price of admission. I spent literally 10-15 minutes standing right in front of it, hyperventilating and weighing whether or not I wanted to be That Guy Who Is Crying In The Museum, so I ducked away to look at some more work.

Jay DeFeo, Apparition

Also saw some work on the other floors, including this, which I had never seen before.

Edward Hopper, Woman Standing in the Sun

I feel like it's me. I feel like: that's me. I'm like that. That's me. Right? Saturday night I got some drinks with Teebs and Wilkes, then went to GAG! at the Metropolitan with Ryan Reporter and we hung out a bit, talking about records like we usually do. She just got to go see miss Nick Cave perform last week. I am unspeakably jealous! Hopefully Nick Cave and Elaine Stritch will live long enough to do a show together so I can get two birds with one stone, eh? The best part of Saturday night is was and will ever be the late-night snack attitudes I so often find myself pulling.

Sunday, I don't know if you guys all know, was Easter, so I celebrated by watching cartoons in bed for a while, then going to Chinatown to find the best taro bun I could find. The one I found was just ok. I went to a very fancy Easter Party at the very edge of the neighborhood, in a real two story house with a real backyard which seems like it's from another dimension. It was a party thrown by glamorous southerners, so all the punch drinks had everclear in them, which means it was really stupid of me to have so much punch. I tried to switch to wine at one point, and a cute boy wearing a hoodie indoors (where it was not even raining) offered me some white wine. I graciously accepted and began drinking it only to discover that unfortunately it was not white wine but tequila. Which is the opposite of white wine. I felt like a mess but probably other people were messier. I flirted a little bit with this guy I know and like, and then he flirted with someone else, so like whatever. I ate about a million cupcakes and smoked literally a million cigarettes. That famous NYC drag queen who's known for talking shit about gay people was there, saying how miserable she felt around everyone. It was cool. I was glad I had Monday off of work but to be honest I actually went home at like 11pm. My throat was so sore yesterday from drinking.

There's actually a lot of exciting things coming up, but let's save that for another post and start finish up this one with this cute new dance video from LA superstars KEVINCITY:

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