Oharu Who May Be Dead

Listening to this song this morning on the train. Minnie Riperton's voice is literally magick, eh? Last night I went to the NYU MFA show to see deart heart Sam McKinniss work. I'm such a big fan. He's fantastically talented and is a rising star. Bound for greatness, get in while you can, these are the days, etc. The show included a sound piece Sam made in collaboration with Rizzla which was fantastic as well.  The show is up for two weeks (until April 13th) at the NYU Gallery at 80 Washington Square East. Absolutely worth checking out right away.

Untitled (SG)


The catalog for the show (which also, I should say, includes the dark, gorgeous, serpentine and sardonic work of Ms. Sarah Feehily, with whom I am also deeply obsessed), includes this artist statement from Sam, which I think gives a little glimpse into his sensitive yet rigorous style of thinking:

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, don’t interrupt, my angel, he loves me, he loves me not, oh, heaven, heaven! He loves me! I may as well tell you, my darling, that the second big thing in my life has begun.”
A most sinister ray of light suddenly fell upon the future.

-Nancy Mitford, Love in a Cold Climate 1949.

Ecstasy refers to the empathogenic club drug as well as to the rapturous bliss caused by contemplating divine things, and a glow-stick necklace is a cute accessory to wear at a party but it also resembles a halo that’s slipped and fallen into the noose position. I went to a lot of raves as a teenager and recently the style has made a return to contemporary metropolitan nightlife, so that’s been fun for me. Painting and partying are two things I do to dazzle myself into the throes of a trance-like quest for advanced material pleasure.

I’m looking for a sinister ray of light. Like moonlight hitting narcissus’s pool, the soft glow emanating from a smartphone screen is incredibly seductive. The ghost paintings came to me because of another nighttime sensation, from the terrible impression that spending time in warehouses crowded with people dancing and taking MDMA felt something like being surrounded by the recently disembodied. Smoky, dimly lit rooms filled with kids on drugs have started to resemble the dynamics and movement of rapture depicted in the cloudy, cherubim and saint-filled ceilings by Tiepolo or Maulbertsch from the late 18th century. The major differences are lighting and costume.
Pretty fantastic. At the opening last night I was reminded of the Stone Roses, and how when they were getting big in Manchester in the 80s, it was when people were first starting to do MDMA. I didn't know about any of that when I got into the Stone Roses in the Bay Area in the late 1990s- I had no clue. It always struck me as weird. Like, why would you take E and listen to the Stone Roses? They're so weird and sad and slow and emo. But I guess maybe it's more fun on E. But what isn't, right? I guess it's just to say that no one experience is any more real or natural than another. If you're using tools like drugs or art or boys or glow sticks. Or music or costumes.

You know what else is going on, which I am so super duper excited about, is that homegirl Joseph Keckler is getting some much-deserved shine right now, and I am so into it. First of all, there's this awesome video he made with Laura Terruso, for "The Ride":

THEN there's also this very fancy and totally cool interview with Spookz where he charms the pants off the New York Times Style Section. I love Joseph's work, and have for many years, and I'm really excited to see his work get the attention and respect it deserves. This press blitz is particularly deserved, because Miss Thing is debuting a new full-length show commissioned by Dixon Place this week! It's called "I Am An Opera" and it is going to be MAJOR. I'm going this Saturday night, and you can get your tickets HERE. That is, while there're still tickets to be got. This is likely going to sell out, and I'm totally going to say I Told You So. People: you need to see this show.

I was looking recently at the website for Earl Dax' Pussy Faggot, which I would encourage you to do now as well. I am so honored and happy to be included on this page! It's such a big deal for me to have my work (ENCOURAGER) listed alongside artists like Joseph Keckler and Ben Rimalower, who's solo show Patti Issues keeps getting extended and keeps getting rave reviews and is becoming every bit the sensation it deserves to be. I can barely believe that my life consists of a) getting to be part of this peer group, b) getting to be friends with these people, and c) getting to live in New York in a time when this work is being made. It's really exciting, I think you should all go check out all three of our shows.

SPEAKING OF awesome things I'm excited about, original homegirl and downstairs neighbor Sister Pico is putting together a special 5 Year anniversary issue of Birdsong, and he needs your help to make the project as cool as it needs to be (e.g. printing zines is expensive, kids). Check out this video:

SO COOL, right? Please give some monetary love to the BIRDSONG KICKSTARTER PAGE. It's also worth mentioning at this point that there is a NEW issue of Birdsong, #19, featuring a new story by Yours Truly as well as some more fantastic writers. You can get a copy for free by contacting Sister Pico Directly. So many wonderful things to know see and do. Be part of.

Last night I watched this 1979 erotica b-movie/horror film from Japan and France, called The Grass Labyrinth. Have you all seen it? It was fucked up. I feel like I slept much deeper than I usually do, in a sort of weird way, from watching the movie. Like, I feel like I did my dreaming while I was watching the movie (which is totally great and worth seeing) but then I went to sleep and was just a black black spot.

But I never remember my dreams. Actually I did remember an image from last night, which was a secret party or festival, a secret show? A secret store? I remember watching people, workers, entering a secret entrance to a space (it looked like a gallery) in preparation for an event and in the dream, I was excited to go to the event but wished that I was working at it. And then I woke up.


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