2 Jams

TONIGHT B0DYH1GH is performing at Earl Dax' new Monday night party FRIENDS & FAMILY at Hotel Chantelle. I'm very excited because B0DYH1GH hasn't played for a while, and the occasion for the show is dear heart Ben Ha'Bear's blessèd birthday. The other acts are all duos and good friends: MESSS (Mikki and Brian of JUDY) and JASON & JILL, who we're totally obsessed with. It's free at in the basement and will be so much fun. You can see details on the FB page HERE.

ALSO, the video from the ENCOURAGER performance is in! Here is a clip from the show, the "Narcissus" section:

I'm debating putting the whole show online. Maybe another little clip, later on.

I have a toothache that I've had since Friday night. I'm freaking out. I hate it.

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