Covered in Hope and Vaseline

So I went on a juice fast and it only lasted 24 measly hours. I'm sure some people experience enhanced mental clarity, increased physical energy, heightened concentration, and emotional buoyancy, but not me. I was miserable and exhausted, so I quit. I am still trying to not have caffeine for two days in a row (maté doesn't count, natch, it's a different chemical). I felt really sad? But I don't know if I can blame that on the fast.

So I went to meditation class and it was pretty great. I did have a harder time concentrating than usual. My stomach was growling. I came home and I broke my fast, gloriously, with baked yams and carrot soup and papaya. I don't know whats up with me where somehow all of the food I'm drawn to eating is orange. Doubtlessly subconscious. What is it? What does β-carotene signify, I wonder, to my unconscious? Is it a thing of needing sunlight? For some reason all of the foods I want to eat fall within the same color range.

I guess I'm just skeptical that my body knows what's best. I believe in the dictum to "Listen to your body". I think most people need to be more in tune with our bodies. I think our bodies have a lot to teach us. I don't know if my body, really, knows best, though. All I want to eat is orange and all I want to wear is green and black and blue.

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