RIP Ari Up

We just got this video of the B0DYH1GH show at the Birdsong benefit in October of 2010 online. I think it's a good show, and time sure has flown. Check it out:

Am I preaching to the choir or talking to a brick wall? I sometimes think there's no reason to sharing on here. I wanted to update with a bunch of exciting descriptions of all the fun I've been having but I'm in a shitty mood today because nothing, it feels like, is going my way. Oh well. I'm going to see Cibo Matto tonight, which I am actually really excited about.

I want to play more music shows in New York. And elsewhere but specifically New York. I am now beginning the summertime project of bugging people about it. Which feels really fucked up. I know it's what people do. I am frustrated. Let me do it.


Jane Smith said...

I love this! B0DYH1GH is fantastic

Jane Smith said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!