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So, I'm hosting a FAG CITY reading at EVERYBOOTY at BAM tomorrow night. Lots of capital letters, I know. I filmed a little interview about the reading, which is up on the Spank website now. But check it out, you guys, the promotional video is cute and I sound like a total valley girl, whatever, but it's kind of a moot point. the event is sold out! I'm excited for that. I think it'll be super fun. But I'm not gonna try to convince people to come, because I can't. There are no more tickets (I don't have any). I'm assuming you bought a ticket and I will see you there! Either way, check out the video interview.

Such a whirlwind few weeks. I want to really get into the fact that I go-go danced at QxBxRx when xLimpwristx performed a few weeks ago, how insane and fun and weird that was. I want to talk about how I totally saw The Julie Ruin perform, opening for Body/Head, and how fucking FANTASTIC they were and how excited I am for their record to come out. I want to talk about how B0DYH1GH performed at the last (?!?!) Birdsong event the other, how special and wonderful it was. I may take some more time on those.

I went to some fun parties this past weekend and kind of made a mess of myself, in a good, summer-y way. Last night PLD and I went to the Riot Grrrl Book Signing event at the Marc Jacobs bookstore. It was kind of weird, I'm sort of a creep, because I already got my book and already got it signed. You should all buy it! It's so fantastic! And really surprising. Anyway we hung out with Kate who put together International Girl Gang Underground, and drank a bunch of that fantastic Sofia Coppola canned champagne. It was so much fun. Then we went to 100 Forsyth to see Juliana Huxtable and Chris Udemezue perform in the BLACK RAGE exhibition. Another fucking fantastic hit! A great night.

Look, the reason I wanted to post today is to share this video from ENCOURAGER, which I forgot I hadn't posted here. It's about déjà vu of you. I would love it if you watched it and maybe showed your friends who might like it too.

Going to a dinner party tonight, pretty excited about that.

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