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So lovely to see our delightful conversation blogged about on the legendarily crucial blog of the divine Miss Doctor Vaginal Crème Davis. And now, the recording of our conversation is online! Special thanks to Manuel Schubert for recording this, and for La JohnJoseph and Stevie Hanley for being part of it too. You can listen to our chit chat session here:

We obviously cover a lot of ground here, from Los Angeles, to Movies, Records, Boys, Stars, News from the USA. Everything. I'm glad I got the chance to ask Miss Davis about her vocals on my new favorite song, "Girls Like Us" by The Julie Ruin. You can hear the Vag vocal version HERE. I'm so excited to see them perform again in September, and for their debut album Run Fast to come out. I am pre-ordering my copy today, you can do so too HERE.

Oh shit I also forgot that they released a music video last week, for their debut single "Oh Come On":

I totally love this song and I think this video is so cool. For some reason the third verse ("First you walk / And then you get to talk...") sounded so familar and I couldn't place it, but the rap/flow of lyrics sort of reminds me of Babes in Toyland's "Handsome & Gretel"? I mean that as such a complement. There's a kind of really crunchy punk rock rap thing in both. I'm so into it.

I forgot that I totally brained myself at Ficken3000 in Berlin last week. There was a low-hanging piece of wood used to draw a curtain in front of the backstage room (stock-room) and when i was running backstage to get changed, I cracked my forehead on it, leaving a pretty gigantic welt. It hurt, a lot. But I like that look. I used to make myself up for performances to look like I had a black eye.

Last night the power in the front of our apartment went out, and the super isn't being super helpful in fixing it. Deeply frustrating. Mercury retrograde?

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