Maple thorn (except)

Went to the acupuncturist and told her that I have too much of something. Magnetism. I'm off, I'm too charged or something. Out of balance with myself or the world around me or both. I have something wrong with me that makes me a target. I mean, it makes me too much of a target. There's something about me that drives people -- men -- crazy. It makes the want to attack me, hurt me, contradict me, stop me, chip me, hurt me. There's some involuntary spark I have that causes a knee-jerk reflex to extinguish it.

"What makes you think that it's a problem with you?"

Well, because I don't want to have to constantly defend myself, justify my plumage. If they want to pluck it out, let them. I can't live my life fighting to hold on to my hair.

"But aren't you fighting now?"

I suppose.

"Hold still."

"Okay, how about now? How does that feel?"

The same.


"How about now?"

Different. Wow. Thanks.

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