Tomorrow I'm flying to Berlin for a week of Vacation. I'm staying with La JohnJoseph and Stevie, just like before. And I couldn't be more excited. I'm performing Thursday night at Chantal's House of Shame and Sunday night at PORK at Ficken3000, you can find those through Google. I don't know how much internet I'll have or when.

I had the best Fourth of July visit with Bobo last week. The heat in New York has been so oppressive. It's been killing me. I feel like this video Cole made.

I literally feel like I'm going insane from the heat, just like Joyce does. Have I posted that video before? Probably.

All I did today was wash my clothes, moan, drink ice water, buy magazines for the flight, and visit Erin and Becca for some air conditioning and lemon ice water and white wine and blueberries. And 1990s summer jams courtesy of DJ Bevin's Spotify. I feel like a puddle. No, a crusty pile of salt. I ordered takeout and tried out these crazy Italy Towels Pash(ly) told me about and I feel like I want to sleep early. Get up early. Freak out about the flight, and then get on it.

Missed out on some fun parties this weekend. But went to some other ones. I'm always in a rush, and right now I'm on vacation and that for me means staying inside the air conditioning right now and sleeping a lot.

This is a picture of me singing “Ooo La La La" by Teena Marie on Gay Pride at the Bureau of General Services Queer Division, for Shane Shane’s fantastic event SHIT HITS FAN. I wanted to do something that portrayed the ambivalence I feel about the official Pride spectacle, and the conversation around that. And I love that song and it was really hard to sing and I hit almost all of the notes. I would give myself a B+. A B+ or maybe an A-. But that's what I'd always give myself. That's what I've always been given.

I feel like there's a lot of back-tracking or repeating or relearning. I guess I feel like there's a lot of remembering. I've had an insane headache all day (I can't tell if it's a hangover or not I'm on vacation). I just want to go. A lot of remembering. It's great.

Excited to drink Club Mate and smoke Gauloises and see my friends and eat falafel and cake and spaetzel and stay up late and go dancing and everything.

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