Butter Fingers

I've sure been dropping a lot of stuff lately. On Tuesday night I assembled my dresser, and on Wednesday night I decided to put it together. But the drawers would go in. I struggles and screamed and yelled and cried and really had a difficult time with it. I burst a blood vessel on my left eye. My lovely roommate Justin tried to help, but couldn't get the drawers in either, (because I had assembled it incirrectly). For one breif,, shining moment, I had the thought: "You know, if I had a boyfriend, I would have someone who I could ask to help me with this and I wouldn't feel bad about it." And I almost regretted my confirmed bachelorhood. But then I thought about it and I'm not entirely sure if having someone to help me install Ikea furniture is really a good enough reason to have a boyfriend. Is that what love is? Assistance? Help? Or is that just one small fringe bonus benefit of being in love? That sense of having a teammate, of not being alone? I think that feeling is a myth, a fantasy, a destructive one, as well. What's the point in being noble. Anyway, after literally hours of whining "What am I doing wrong?!" I reread the instructions, realized which part of the dresser I had installed backwards, fixed it, and put it together. I felt pretty fantastic, and cleaned up my messy room. I was going to reward myself with a big plate of watermelon, and as I was carrying it out of the kitchen, I accidentally dropped the plate, spilling all the fruit into the cat's food dish. I started laughing hysterically.

Yesterday I spilled my mug of tea at work, and then when I got home at night, I dropped a glass of sake I was drinking and it shattered. Today I spilled coffee down my pant leg at work. I wonder if I have some kind of creepy neurological disorder. I'm actually totally sober for all of this (minus the sake but I hadn't even had that much yet!)

I'm SUPER excited that B0DYH1GH is going to perform this Sunday at Joe's Pub for a tribute to Tori Amos, on the occasion of her 50th birthday party, in a fantastic event organized by Enid Ellen in RAISIN GIRL: with special guests Cole Escola, Nicholas Gorham, Erin Markey, Joseph Keckler, Dane Terry, Kim Smith, Dan Fishback, Natti Vogel, Brett Every and B0DYH1GH, Enid Ellen and Greg Potter want to pay tribute to the goddess, Tori Amos on the week of her 50th birthday. You can buy tickets to the show HERE.

Remember that video she made where she hangs out in New York with Pozsi and Gage and Juliana and Cunty Crawford?

I don't know what I'm going to do this weekend. Practice! Play this show! Hopefully not drop a whole bunch of other stuff. I need to get rid of a lot of books and CDs and clothes. If we're real life friends let me know if you want stuff, cuz I might give you a lot of stuff.

I have this urge, maybe it's from my birthday, to take all the posters, photos, mementos off of my walls. They're dusty, and old. I no longer want to be reminded of who I "am" or whatever. The disgusting faded crusty paint might look nice. Maybe.

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