Looking Like a Lily on a Lake

I had the best birthday, really. Just so fantastic. I woke up on Wednesday and I opened some presents. I got a pair of sunglasses and a care package and some moolah from my parents. Ben made me a gorgeous outfit and mix and it was so sweet. I went to work and even though I desperately need to get back onto my summer diet, I bought a taro bun for breakfast. My coworkers threw me a nice surprise bday party with cake and champagne, I got a ton of well wishes from friends all over the world. After work I ate some food and met up with PLD and Sam and we went to the Pyramid Club for the BGSQD Fundraiser. It. Was. Amazing. I got introduced by Miss Penny Arcade, who relayed the story about when I told her that my seeing her at Ladyfest in Olympia in 2000 changed my life and made me want to be a performer. It was the sweetest introduction I could have hoped for. The crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to me, I asked for a drink onstage and I got one. I sang two songs, I think I probably did okay. SO many friends came! So many wonderful performances! Dan, Shane Shane, Colin, Nicholas, Gio, JVB, everybody, everything. Colin gave my a ring that was accidentally discarded at a party by a celebrity singer I very much admire. People bought be drinks and cigarettes. It was such a lovely, magickal evening. Really just the greatest, I feel so fucking lucky.

I took yesterday off work and woke up late. I was a little bit hungover but not as hungover as I thought I'd be. I'm switching back to gin officially. It doesn't make me feel so crazy. I had a leisurely breakfast and went uptown to the NYPL record sale at Lincoln Center. Apparently there was a huge fucking line to get in, which was a bummer, and I heard that all they had was classical, and not even very interesting classical. I did however run into Nath-Ann and Savannah and John outside the sale, which was a lovely surprise. We sat in Lincoln Center Plaza until security asked us to leave so we went to a bench but I continued my adventures. I went up to Zabar's to get gazpacho an coffee and ate it on a bench in the middle of Broadway, with the aging UWS residents. Totally blissed out. I went downtown to the CdG stores to finally check out the fall collections. I liked everything but I didn't buy anything! Feel really proud of my self-restraint. I wanted one of the pastel printed t-shirts from the Tree of Youth collection, but it was I must say trop cher. The pastel embroidered coats are gorgeous, maybe if I find them cheaper somewhere else some day. The red embroidered bolero jacket with little puff-ball fringe wasn't there, or I could have maybe justified spending more than two months rent on it. I saw the Noir Kei Ninomiya collection, which was fucking rad. I went to the Fluevog store to get myself some new shoes on sale, then came home to order bad Chinese food and take a nap. I woke up and went to go see the Julie Ruin at Union Pool. It. Was. Amazing. I can't wait to hear the new record! The new songs are so awesome. They sound really different than anything on the 1998 record, but still somehow feel like a logical progression of the themes there. It's sort of hip-hop, sort of new wave, really fantastic playing all around. They also played a handful of songs from that fateful original album, including "V.G.I." and "Breakout A-Town" which got a full-band treatment and were, like, incredible. It was such a fantastic show. I'm totally blown away. If you have the chance to see them on their upcoming tour, go go go.

Today I am working then going to the launch party for Spunk Magazine #9 which has a new story of mine in it. Tomorrow night Ms. Paps and I are having our official bday party at Happy Fun Hideaway. I just recently discovered this 80s act Captain Sensible, featuring Dolly Mixture. OK, it's corny or whatever, or dated. But I'm so obsessed. This is like my dream:

I feel pretty good today. TGIF.

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