Thump Day

It's been a minute since I played this game and have been really needing it, so: Y'KNOW WHAT I LOVE?

Savon de Marseille. French soap. I know it's kind of precious, but it's really good, basic, simple, pretty inexpensive, and because French soap is milled super-duper hard, as long as you keep it dry in between uses it can last for fucking ever. My first actual job was working at a gift shop / framing store, that sold lots of gargoyles and Pre de Provence, and I (very) slowly worked my way through their rainbow of flavors. I recently read a pretty cool interview with Comme des Garçons' Adrian Joffe on How to Spend It about his personal style, and talks about how he likes Savon de Marseille. I just got some, it's not mind blowing but it does feel good and I like the smell. Trying to enjoy, savor (or whatever) the feeling/concept of being clean. Also trying to enjoy simplicity. It feels luxurious in a way. I know how ridiculous and offensive that statement can be, I'm just saying. Anything that gets me excited to take a shower is pretty cool in my book.

- Italy Towels!

I think I mentioned these before. They're called Italy Towels but they're very Korean. I had no idea what they were until Susan aka Pash(ly) told me about these and had me bring her some when I went to Berlin this summer, since they're hard to find over there. Leave it to Miss Pash(ly) to have the skin game / beauty regimen on lock, right? These are insanely abrasive glove/towel cloths that you use to scrub dead skin off of you. It sounds basic, and maybe it is, but it feels so good to literally shred off the dead skin all over your body. Maybe this is gross? I feel like probably anyone reading this blog (given what I know about my friends) are into picking their noses, popping zits, plucking eyebrows, and other forms of low-level masochism/self-torture. So: get into it, girls. My personal hope is that with enough dedicated scrubbing, elbow grease, and steady access to Italy Towels, I can sort of scrub away or ameliorate my nasty farmer's tan. Wish me luck! Back to the shower.

- The Firms. The Firms is a music project by the NYC artist Logan S. I recently got a copy of his zine and a CD of songs by his band in the mail, and I'm so into it. You can hear some of the songs on his SoundCloud, below:

He notes about the songs: "All songs recorded in my childhood bedroom while my parents weren't home (2008-2009)." Totally GirlySound, right? They're sort of weird, sort of simple-sounding, at first. But are kind of epick once you get into the melodies. I'm such a sucker for low-fi bedroom recordings. The songs themselves are pretty gorgeous and funny and queer and endearing. It reminds me (I'm sorry to do this!) of early Bongwater or Sonic Youth. You know that feeling when you hear a song or see a movie or read a book or something, and you're like "Wow, I wish I had made that!" I don't mean this in a snobby way, I love these songs a lot I wish I was the person to think them up. But lucky me and lucky you we get to listen to them, which is maybe better. There's also a video for one of his songs, as well:

I feel like this kind of music and art is a balm against the toxic fake-culture of the VMAs. It's so refreshing to hear stuff that was made by someone who is not just trying to make a million bucks. Something that's more personal, or more intentional. More meaningful. I remember, listening to these songs, that this is really the type of music and culture that I like, that I want to consume, the world that I want to be part of. A world in which you can record songs in your childhood bedroom and take them seriously. In which you don't have to be a 20 year old starlet, bent on proving some kind of weird flat relativity. You can do what you know, or what your life is actually about, and it's usually more interesting, more honest, and just better to listen to. I'm trying to The Firms to play a show with B0DYH1GH in NYC soon, because B0DYH1GH is playing some pretty exciting shows soon. I think/hope. I wanna organize a cute queer creepy folk music festival. I feel like my whole life is just one long one of those.

- Speaking of cute creepy and queer, I'm really excited to be working on (seriously, this time) the new issue of Scorcher, #7: VALEDICTORIAN. I am editing the stories, I have some fantastic contributors, and I just made the cover, with a drawing from the lovely Julia Norton aka Miss Jiddy No-No aka Ewok Vixen. I'm really doing it, you guys. I swear.

- I know it's dorky, but I'm really curious about the new Nike x BLACK CdG shoes which come out next week:

I want these so bad. But do I $200 want them? I wish I was rich or had someone who liked to drop a lot of money on me, because I need new shoes. I always need new shoes. I'm horrible to my shoes. The other thing is the shoes come out the same day as the new Black CdG collection so maybe there's be some cute new Black frock I need instead. There should be a new sub-line. They had Black CdG, then Edited Black, then Black Black CdG, and now there's Noir Kei Ninomiya CdG. I want there to be a Black Black Black. I'm actually keeping track of all this. I don't know how/where it's going to serve me, but it's interesting and I'm interested.

- I got this cute SY hat for the winter. I feel like now's an appropriate time to wear it, given that the band is definitely broken up, and I'm definitely moving away (as we all must) from my own Sonic Youth, as it were. I feel like nobunny looks good in yellow, and I'm such a nobunny I will look good in yellow, too.

- Speaking of looking good, I'm so into this new interview with my favorite singer-songwriter-star Alexander Geist. Isn't She Lovely? I can't believe I've only seen Alexander perform once, in like... 2009? At the gay museum in Berlin. I wish Alexander would come to NYC and play my dream queermo festival with B0DYH1GH and The Firms. Would you buy a ticket to that? That would be fun. I miss Alexander. And lovely interview Candy is so cute as well of course.

- Oh my god you guys we can now listen to the entire album Run Fast by the The Julie Ruin. It's streamin gon NPR and it's so fucking great. Seriously. It's weird and intense and fun, like, poppy and joyful and energetic, but also so scary and sad (at times). At least lyrically. It's so grown-up. I mean that in a good way. As much love and respect as I have for play and for experimentation and for figuring out who you are or whatever, it's so refreshing to hear a record made by grown-ups, who don't necessarily sound like they're trying to prove their punk-rock credibility or something. It's just really smart, tactile songwriting. It's a joy. I can't wait for the actual album to be released so that I can listen to this at the gym all the time! I preordered the record, which comes out 9/2, and YOU SHOULD BUY IT TOO.

- This morning the commute was insane. The subway was super crowded with really angry people. Two things brough me solace; the sophomore albums by Earth and Mary J Blige, respectively. There's something a little bit more assured in both cases, and even though they're sonically pretty different (maybe they could not be more different?) they're really soothing and exciting in different ways and they both make me smile. They're also both my favorite records by both artists/bands. But maybe Earth or MJB will put out a record this fall that will become my favorite. The future's funny like that.

Isn it? Isn't it funny (and true) to think that, as much as you love the songs you know now, the odds are that you have yet to hear the song that will become your new favorite song? It's always just about to happen.

- I was talking with another person from the East Bay today about delicacies from Northern California, and was thinking about Mother's Circus Animal cookies. Do y'all know about these? These sort of ugly, nondescript shapes? These flavorless, waxy treasures? I love them so much. I wish I could find them in NYC. Are they even out here, and I'm just no looking? I'm kind of on a diet so I've beenm trying to ignore cookies for the moment, but I havd a real yen for these.

Maybe it's just because of they're color palette, which is the same as Good'n'Plenty, which I also love just for the color. I need to get cookies off my brain.

Excited to do chores and cook and go to the gym and work on the zine tonight. OK!

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