Liveblogging cleaning my room

When I was 16 I made this Tracy and the Plastics t-shirt (...because they hadn't made any of their own yet? Note "and" and not the "+" sign she actually used.) My dad had to help me paint it. It glowed in the dark, the letters. Then the shirt fell apart. I was cleaning out my closet this morning and I found it and just remembered how this t-shirt totally changed my life. I used to wear it to punk shows. I wore it everywhere but I especially wore it to punk shows, and it's how I met my first boyfriend. I wore it to the first Le Tigre tour, when they played SF for the first time. Tracy + The plastics were supposed to open but ended up canceling.  When my friend Amber and I got to the venue in SF, we immediately saw Kathleen Hanna and Johanna Fateman at the bar in the venue, and they turned around and saw us and Kathleen said "You know they're not playing tonight, right?" I was completely start-struck to be spoken to. Then Amber showed Kathleen her Bikini Kill tattoo. It was a cool night.

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Bobo said...

you were also wearing that shirt the day we met. :)