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Wednesday morning I woke up at 5am to meet up with my collaborator / co-star / inspiration / hero Molly Pope to go up to Provincetown for the Afterglow Festival. I was late to Penn Station but we got on the train and went up to Boston. It was pretty glamorous, I gotta say, getting to ride the train on official business as we did.

After a brief cab ride, we got on the Provincetown ferry and were soon on the Cape. Ptown is obviously gorgeous, and is exactly as all the old heads describe it, "a very magickal place". A place where aging locals will approach me on the street and ask if I'm having fun. I am, I tell them. They smile and welcome me to their town. This happens more than once. Fantastic. After the trip, Molly and I made it to out fantastic hotel room and unpacked. We went to town for dinner, then back to the hotel for a little cocktail party with the other performers before going to the theater for that night's show. I was, I gotta say, in heaven in a fancy hotel suite with Amber and Jill in their very chic clubwear black dresses, sipping wine and getting ready for the showings. We made it down to the theater to see Spookz and Rizo perform. Their shows were fantastic, OBVIOUSLY. After the sets, there was a dance party called FAGBASH, which I went to with some of the kids, but I had to beg off after Amber sang her Chaka Khan song, and before the beauty competition. I had to save my strength, you know.

And then Thursday we had our show! Molly and I made a pretty bonkers and fun show about beauty called SalonSalon. We performed on Thursday at the Crown and Anchor. I think we did a good job. I'm very proud of us. Getting to make a show with the inimitable miss Molly Pope is literally a dream come true. One of the many things I enjoyed about putting this together is that I got to hear her sing so many times. Rehearsals were really exciting, because she's so much fun. I sang as I am wont to do, a little flat, a little weird. I hope it was okay. There's something really weird going on with me where I'm not stressed about it, about this performance. I stress about so, so many other things. This, the being a cabaret singer thing, I didn't have the time or energy to stress about. I had to just show up and be myself and work hard and be creative and I think I did that. If I'm not the best singer, that's OK. And it really is OK. Whatever. I had fun and so did the crowd, it was a banner night. After our performance, Miss Erin Markey performed her show, which was obviously fantastic. We retired to a hotel bar after the shows and hung out for a bit, then went back to the hotel. There was a minor medical mishap by one of the festival artists on their way home, but everyone turned out okay and was more than generous in taking care of each other. Friday we hustled back home on the ferry, and it was just so fantastic.

The trip was too short, I wish I'd stayed for a lot longer. Now I know, for next time. We're performing in the AFTERSHOCKS show, a benefit for the Afterglow Festival, this Sunday 9/22 at Joe's Pub. Maybe you'd like to come get some excitement, dear. Eh?

This weekend I layed pretty low, because I so rarely get a minute to myself right now. I really should be putting the finishing touches on the new Scorcher, and I am, I swear, finishing one. There are, as there so often are, like, 14 different things happening all at the same time. I keep feeling the sentiment: "I wish there was more time. I wish there were more hours in the day." How fucking bizarre is that? Who am I? I would never wish there were more hours in the day, unless the extra hours were for sleeping. But now, yeah, I do really wish I had a few extra moments to work on this or hang out with that person or meditate or cook or go to the gym or muse on something or read that book. Life is so short. Should I become nocturnal? I accidentally only slept for five hours Sunday night and I seemed to be pretty okay yesterday. Maybe that's a bad way to decide how much to sleep, though.

Oh hey, look. The Blow's new single is out and is pretty fantastic, and is sort of about that:

I have the Aftershocks show next, and my darling parents come to town next weekend, which is also when I'm performing ENCOURAGER at La MaMa. There's a cute interview with me about it on their blog. Then there are also some B0DYH1GH shows and the new zine and some other sundry writing projects. All, pretty much, research for the project I'm working on in my second year at BAX, as well.

This weekend I went to Colin Self's legendary party CLUMP and had a great old time, sneaked down to Metropolitan for the dregs of GAG! mostly as an excuse to get a Hana sandwich on my way home. Rode next to a cute boy on the shuttle bus, but maybe I was just hungry. Pondered the sort of pathetic idea that I was debating between going to CLUMP or GAG! on a Saturday night. I'm a grown up and I live in a major metropolitan city. Sunday I woke up early, cleaned my house, and rehearsed ENCOURAGER. I've still got it! Was so thrilled that I pretty much remember all the words (I almost type "that I remembered the lyrics").

Also on Sunday, I went to the AK Burns art opening at Callicoon Fine Arts.

I've known Burns' work for a minute and long-loved it, this show was really sweet and smart. The aluminum sweaters mounted on the walls, and sand from Gay Beaches, mixed with spices, pressed into columns, were a fitting way to return from Ptown. A poignant (if bracing) reminder that although summer must always end, the promise of it doesn't necessarily have to. Super duper worth checking out if you're in town.

Some more cool things before tucking back into busycoma.

SAFE HOUSE USA. A new concept; "streetwear for the home" by Keehnan Konya. I'm totally into it.

I want all of this! Bed dressing is a topic near and dear to my heart (you can read my midrash on the importance of bedding on DIS Magazine). I'm a philistine in many ways, particularly with regard to design. Mr. KK, however, is a sharp thinker when it comes to this, however (check out her legendary blog), and puts his skills to good use in the SAFE HOUSE USA project. While my own taste tends to run to the tacky faded 1970s-hued, I am in love with these sets. They sort of remind me of Beetlejuice (another style inspiration near and dear to my heart). But maybe they only remind me of that becuae my frame of reference is so limited. These are going on my birthday / Hanukkah / Christmas lists.

Cute, right? You can see an interview with Konya about the project on Dis Magazine HERE and listen to the first of their "Stay the Night" mix series here:

FANMAIL. It's no secret, the cute new thing to wear is the ethically made, beautifully simply-designed shirts sweaters (and now pants?) by the new Brooklyn company Fanmail. I went to their launch opening party and I wanted to wear everything they make. It's so dorky.

It's all, like, simple gorgeous basics, which everyone says are really comfortable. I don't know because I haven't worn them yet because I'm still rubbing a few nickels together, but I want to wear these clothes forever and preferably lounge in them in a new Safe House USA Sheet set. I'm just fantasizing out loud.

Looking great on their mannequin, Boy Genius Sam McKinniss:

I want it all. I want everything.

Finally, a new video from Philly heartthrobs Potpourri of Pearls:

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