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Right, so on Thursday PLD and I were on ShaneShane and Heather Litteer's talk show, Good Morning Queer New York, to promote out upcoming show as B0DYH1GH in the Queer New York Festival. The show is called ALIEN AFTERLIFE at it's at La MaMa on 11/3. And I hope y'all come! The talk show was so much fun! Nath Ann went right before us (HER show is on 11/2 at La MaMa and not to be missed!). She's a real great talk show guest! We went last and tried to be polite and not controversial but, I gotta say, I failed. Daniel obviously held his own with the generous, gregarious hosts. But, when asked to describe some of the highlights of B0DYH1GH'S oeuvre thus far, I started obviously with our fan base, since so many wealthy powerful blonde white women seem to be such big fans (I'm thinking of Chloe Sevigny, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Gordon, etc.). I don't know if some of the crowd didn't get my sense of humor or if they had somewhere to be, but they left. Fine. It was a good time anyway and I think the people who got it really liked it. We drank a bunch of wine.

Talk show looks

After the show, we went back to Brooklyn and had band practice. We wrote a bunch of new songs for the La MaMa show, I like the direction we're going in. It's been so long since we played, especially a real nice long set, so I'm excited. After some practice, we collected Ptrck and went to Manhattan to go to Jill's East Village digs, where we met up with Nath Ann and had a shot of tequila and watched some very lovely Amber Martin videos on YouTube, such as this gem:

"...a basket of surprises!"

We piled into a cab and drove across downtown to go to Julius' where Amber and Angela and JC's dance party Mattachine was happening. SO much fun, of course. As usual. I danced to Klymaxx' "Meeting in the Ladies Room" and loved it. I forgot how great that song is! That slow-burning monologue at the beginning. it's a timbre, a feeling that isn't often heard in pop songs. Fun night! Tired night.

The next evening I went to sweet little baby star angel lover Cole Escola's newest solo show, The Deadliest Baby at the Duplex. I got to sit in the front row with John Early and Becca Blackwell and Adam Feldman and that felt very fancy. Cole's. Show. Was. So. Fucking. Genius. I almost wish I hadn't congratulated him, because I'm kind of furious at him. In the way that you could be furious at anything that's too good for the world around it. He has no right to be so smart and funny! I mean, I bought tickets and the two drink minimum but it didn't feel like enough. He did a bunch of sketches, some featuring Mr. Blackwell to glorious effect, in vocal overtone capacity. It was just really intelligent humor. Like, jokes that seemed crafted? Maybe they weren't-- maybe Cole doesn't spend his time rehearsing his act. He was tremendously entertaining and I feel real lucky to have been able to see it. I'm excited to know that he's going to be two nights in November as Elaine Stritch at the Duplex and you can get tickets here. Not to be missed!

After Cole's I high-tailed it over to Joe's Pub to see a concert of Dan Fishback's The Material World which was obviously fantastic. I have so much love for so many people involved in the show. I had a great seat and a fantastic time. I met some kids sitting next to me, a cute younger queer couple, who said that they had tried to go see TMW during it's run last year at Dixon Place but couldn't get tickets, because it was such a big hit and sold out so often. It was sweet. Molly and Erin totally killed it. Everyone killed it. I'm tremendously proud of everyone involved. I hung around Joe's Pube for a little bit, managed to cop a free drink through being charming, but ultimately begged off. Miss Erina and I walked east and got a sandwich, then met up with Miss Molly and decamped to the very far, ultra far, nearly-Oriental East Village to go to Miss Amber's house, where we hung out on her floor with Miss Jill, sipped fancy whiskey from a travel-size bottle, and listened to records. This is obviously my idea of heaven. Amber put on the first Sinea O'Connor album, The Lion and The Cobra, and talked about how much she loved it when it first came out. I forgot how weird and funky and wonderful that album is.

We also listened to the Chipmunk's Punk album, always a trip. I did accidentally touch a votive candle and burn my thumb pretty bad. So now I have this cool blister. That's something.

Saturday I woke up a little bit hungover, since so many places these days have those pesky two-drink minimums and I'm not creative enough to think of another way to deal with things. That all being said, I went down to the Brooklyn Museum to see a panel on collage, fashion, feminism, identity and art practice. It featured Colette Lumiere, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and K8 Hardy, and was moderated by the genius Judith Rodenbeck, one of the coolest and most interesting people I've had the good fortune to be able to study with.

A collage of the talk about collage.

I liked the talk a lot. I would normally have thought of these three artists as being wildly different, but in going through their work there some pretty surprising points of intersection. K8 Hardy described the collage process as one which resists mastery, one which is inherently anti-patriarchal, which of course seemed true as soon as she explained it, but I hadn't thought of before. It seems like all three artists' work could be read that way, it was really interesting.

There was some really freaky thing that happened at my apartment building that I don't feel like writing about publicly except to say it was SO SCARY AND FREAKY and luckily everyone is OK. At least right now. Yikes. After the talk I high-tailed it back to the city to go to Robert W. Richards' legendarily well-accoutered house to rehearse the text for Roy Garrett’s Hot Rod To Hell, a performance which will happen this Saturday, 11/2 at 10pm at Dixon Place.

Illustration by Robert W. Richards

A scorching ride through the underbelly of the 70s underground sex scene, from Times Square to the West Side piers.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 at 10pm @ Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street (between Rivington and Delancey) New York, NY TICKETS: $12 advance, $15 door, info 212-219-0736
order advance tickets available here
Young, beautiful, and naive, ROY GARRETT arrived in New York City, specifically Times Square, hungry to explore the sex and porn scenes he’d seen advertised in The Village Voice’s classified section. One of his first stops was the Gaiety Theater where, to his amazement, men offered him money for sex. From there it as a quick descent into the hedonistic hustling and porn industries which ultimately destroyed him. Throughout this turbulent period he wrote the poems that became HOT ROD TO HELL— visceral and personal– a record as any that exist of that moment in Gay History just before AIDS changed everything.
Reading the poems will be an illustrious group of New York Artists, Writers, and Poets including Mike Albo, Casey Spooner, Brian Kenney, Max Steele, Scooter Laforge, Joey Stocks, Jonathan Daniel Federico. Original Music by Lorant Duzgun. An after-party will follow in the bar with DJ Aaron Cobbett.
With support from the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.

OK so after the read through I went home to cook a little dinner. Then PLD and I ventured to deep dark lovely Brooklyn Heights for a Hallowe'en party at our good friend Boogers' house. A few fun facts about Boogers:

- He was a founding member of the legendary NYC art-rock band The Gentle Laxatives (B0DYH1GH covers one of their songs, "Tigermilk", which the lead singer Jenna Gross dedicated to yours truly).
- Apparently we are among the very few folks who refer to him by the nickname Boogers.
- A few years ago on PLD's birthday, we visited Boogers' at the UES apartment where he was living at the time, incidentally my actual New York City Dream Home, and to celebrate PLD's birthday we ate Princesses and decided to start a publishing company called Gay Sunshine Press, even though there's already one by that name. Gay Sunshine Press always welcomes all submissions.
- He currently lives in Brooklyn Heights, which is very glamorous and fancy. He's neighbors with Björk. He lives in a True Mansion. Do you know what makes something a True Mansion? It's if the garden has a Water Feature. That's what makes a home a True Mansion. Boogers' house has such a Water Feature (thought it was turned off), so it's a True Mansion.
- He is inexplicably single! And completely adorable. And a Leo.
- His shows with Jill Pangallo (Jason & Jill Craft Magic) are my favorite thing ever. I miss it dearly and can't wait till the next one.

So we went to his house to carve pumpkins and watch scary movies. Instead, we ended up making Frito pie and eating it in the garden by the light and heat of the outdoor fireplace, and told dirty stories. It was so much hilarious fun! And since I hate horror movies (who wants to be scared?), I was very pleased with this alternative. Took a cab back up to Wburg to go to GAG! at Metropolitan. So many queers in freaky costumes! Hung out a bit with my buddy Ryan, the intrepid adorable reporter, then begged off to bed.

Sunday I woke up fairly early because the landlord sent some guys over to finally turn our heat on. I did some writing and then went to BAX to rehearse my new project, Mapplethorpe. I have a showing of some of this work (eeek!) on November 16th at 1pm, and you should come see all of our open studios! Mine will likely be the least impressive, I'm not just being humble. But also being impressive is not my forte, probably. Not anymore, eh?

I left rehearsal in a jiffy to go to La MaMa to see ShaneShane's AMAZING solo show LIQUID NONSENSE. I. Just. Loved. It. I really can't say enough about ShaneShane. I am shamefully sad to have missed some of his early shows in NYC. I remember Earl Dax asking me if I'd seen him yet, raving about him. Once I sat at a bar at this party next to him and we didn't know each other but just bonded over free drinks and our love of Miss Lady Kier (since she like us is a Leo Goddess). But then I started seeing ShaneShane's shows, and fell in love. LIQUID NONSENSE was a blend of his songs and dancing with new songs, new dancing, live piano ballads, fantastically hilarious and heartfelt (and informative!) monologues, and videos, such as this amazing gem:

I really can't say enough. I mean it. ShaneShane is what I always hoped I would get to see. He is kind of my dream of what queer performance art and music should be. He's sexy, smart, politically engaged, earnest, creative, punk rock, funny, and fucking sweet. He's not about making people feel left out. He's a lover, not a hater. I'm tremendously proud and lucky to get to be in the same city as him right now. His work is exactly what I want to see and what I want everyone else to see. I learned a lot during his show, about poppers, about the fifth cast member of the Golden Girls, a gay houseboy named Coco who never made it past the pilot, about love, about feelings. I loved the show a whole lot. Viva ShaneShane! He is exactly what we need.

After the show, PLD and I and Nath Ann and Enid Ellen and ShaneShane all had a big photo shoot to promote our La MaMa shows. Hopefully images coming soon. We tried (as I often do) to capture an early Free Kitten vibe:

I mean, that's basically us, right? After the photo shoot we went back to Brooklyn and debated going to the Candy Magazine party drag ball at PS1, since it seemed like it was sold out. Decided against it and I ordered vegan Thai food (like I do every Sunday night). Then we got word that there were list spots so we went. But then one of the list spots wasn't there, but then everything worked out with the other list spot being roomy. Whatever, we got in. It was super cool! Lots of sexy kids dressed up in all kinds of ways. Not us, though. I felt sort of proud for being one of the few people not dressed up? I don't really have any Halloween costume ideas. I know it makes me kind of a spoilsport but I just don't have the energy. I typically dress up like a monster to go to the deli, you know what I mean? It's not really playing for me. Besides, it's kind of punk to not dress up at the dress-up thing. I feel like it sort of made me stand out, which was weird. Ran into coolest girl in the world Miss Jill! Who was there with miss Angie DeCarlo, both looking fan-fucking-tastic in their get ups (wish I had pix!). I was totally broke but PLD bought a vodka shot and shared, which was nice. There was a very busy bar at the space, and waiting in line (where I ran into NYC's favorite upcoming celebrity Miss Hari Nef! Hearts!) I saw a somewhat well-known pop star, and I saw them surreptitiously swipe a full bottle of vodka from the bar without anyone noticing. Anyone but me. I thought maybe I'd get to share it with them since no one else saw, but they disappeared and I couldn't find them, so we had to pay $3 for a shot. I mean, if I lifted a bottle of vodka I'd disappear too.

So, if you can't find me one day, it might be because I've absconded with something really great, like a bottle of Absolut, and I'm in hiding, enjoying it. If you want, I'll probably share it with you. Just ask.

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