Delete Yrself

Facebook e-mailed me about building interest in my page Max Steele. I haven't put much effort into it, so I feel like the alternative is to just delete it, since I post most of my stuff on my own page anyway. It does sort of feel like Facebook is telling me to go kill myself?  Or like, giving me that option. That "out". Just delete. Either commit to build interest in your page or just give up. Once upon a time, I promoted all of my stuff there. Or, I tried to. And then it became just a place to post extra stuff that wasn't new. But now I mostly just invite people to things socially. I think in part because I'm not doing stuff apart from living my life, and also I'm doing less, it feels like (it feels like?) and also because now everyone does both. Does everything. And there's more to do but it's also more seamlessly tied into the other stuff you do like buy stuff and talk to your friends about buying stuff or talk about what you want or don't want and aren't getting.  Maybe I should change my real name. Or a copyright lawyer. Isn't funny I think I used to work at an entertainment industry law firm, and I learned very little about the entertainment industry. But I had some great times. I still do, man.

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