Here is what I want for Christmas and Hanukkah and Holiday Time. Just putting that out there. If you want to send me something lovely, I'll get you my address. ;-)

Carte D'Armenia burning papers

Djuna Barnes' Nightwood

CdG jumpsuit

Odeur 71

Ann Demeulemeester suit

Undercover skull stuff

VFiles UES shirt

CdG Homme Plus shirt

CdG jumpsuit (I feel like I would look really cute in this)

Safe House USA Comp duvet set

Ecart International lamp

House of Ladosha shirt

Prada oil slick levitate shoes

BCalla mesh one-shoulder top

CdG SHIRT paisley pants

Telfar hooded t-shirt

Chanel nail polish in Magic

Ann Demeulemeester backpack

CdG Homme Plus jacket

Yohji Yamamoto animal shorts (we can count this as an engagement ring)

Yohji Yamamoto pants

Feeling sort of bored and antsy. Last night my room mate did a big purge where he got rid of a bunch of clothes that had ripped or he no longer wore or were ruined. I was so jealous! I never get rid of anything. And if I want to make room for my Christmas presents then I guess I'd better get started right?

Last night I got a haircut and then I dyed my hair.

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