New Town

From my piece "NEW FRIDAY" the forthcoming compilation VACZINE edited by Mr. Walter Cessna:

"COMING UP NEXT we have New Girl. New Girl Friday. An entirely New Friday. There is no pattern or order for it. New unpredictability. New chaos. New paycheck.

New bodies. New tastes. New desires. New sexual positions. It’s like finding a whole new way of fucking. New hole. Have you ever tried to cum just from touching your nipples? It’s weird."

Feeling optimistic this morning! Optimistic and also scared. Like I've just discovered my super powers and I'm trying to be cautious. I haven't, though, just discovered any kind of powers. I was talking with my friend over the weekend about Courtney Love. I had just seen The Punk Singer, which was AMAZING, and there was a tiny bit in the movie about Courtney Love. My friend and I were talking about how we loved her records in high school, and how weird it is, as an adult, to be a Courtney Love fan. Do you remember this early Chris Crocker video?:

This is from 2007. But it does feel like that, in a way, that being a Courtney Love fan is sometimes something you have to defend, but it's sort of indefensible. The point is, I know she's Courtney Love but when I saw her give that talk a couple years ago, at the Guggenheim, loosely related to Maurizio Cattelan's thing, she described her career, her life, everything, as "WAR!". I think her talk was titled "EVERYTHING IS WAR" or "THIS IS WAR" and it was projected on a screen behind her while she talked for a while about her art dealer, the watercolors she makes on the toilet, her famous Hollywood friends, etc.

I feel a little bit like War. Maybe war's a bad way of putting it.

Feeling enterprising. Feeling like, I know, I know I know I what I have to do. I have to let myself be a little bit more right about some things and little bit less negative about other things. Whatever.

Hey I had this idea, which was to sing that song "New Town" by the Slits in this new show I'm making, MAPPLETHORPE. It's such a great song:

But then I realized that I can't do that song. Not right now, probably not ever. Because of that shooting in Connecticut. I'm not exactly complaining, but it's weird. I bet I could sing it in Europe. But there it'd be different, since the Slits were kind of European. You know how I realized I couldn't use the song, was that I was in the studio fucking around, and I sort of hear there were people working in the studios next to and below me. I knew, abstractly, that if people were walking by where I was, they could hear me. But I suppose I forgot. I was trying to learn the words to "New Town" and I kept trying to do that part where Ari's voice rises and she says "Neeeeeeeeew Tooooooown!" and I realized that I hear footsteps around the studio door, like people were trying to listen in, which was weird. I thought: "What? What is so weird about screaming the words new town over and over again?" So frustrating! Such a classic dumb blonde moment.

But so I'm thinking a lot about newness. I'm thinking about New-ness AGAIN. Once my friend Jeffery got totally obsessed with the word "nascency", which, if you think about it is a beautiful concept and a lovely word to boot.

Today I resolve to fight really hard for what is good. I have some good meetings tonight and then I have band practice. I just ate a good healthy breakfast and everything is off to a good start.

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