I Feel I'm Right On Time

Forgot to mention that I had the pleasure to get to interview CIBO MATTO FOR VICE. Please check it out. It was amazing; I've been a fan for many years and totally love the new album. It was kind of surreal, a dream come true, definitely.

Right now I'm waiting for Paps because we have a date to go to the gym together. Boy, it's so funny that I'm so excited to go to the gym. Busting at the seams, I'd say. To kill time, I'm watching Scott Panther's videos, his pics. Catching up on his updates.
BILLY: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Tell me Scott Panther is sad and lonely and worried, just like me.
COMPUTER: I can't tell you that, Master.
BILLY: Repeat error report, Mirror, I don't understand.
COMPUTER: Scott Panther is not sad, Master, nor lonely, nor worried. 
The computer is right. Scott Panther is having a fantastic life, he's very successful. Wouldn't anybody be, after so many years. He's very much in love with a nice-seeming person. Good for everybody. They all have big apartments and small dogs, and ambition.
BILLY: Mirror mirror on the wall, please show me someone I used to know who now I'm doing better than they are.
COMPUTER: I shall load the obituary file, Master.
BILLY: Oh my god whatever. Fine. I get it. Nevermind.
COMPUTER: You're not actually doing so bad either, Master. 
I wonder if this is a thing where certain things will always feel the same, how we'll always use the same things, forever, even though they're old and don't mean anything anymore. Like, what does it matter what Scott Panther does with his free time, right, we don't actually know each other and haven't in a very long time. It's more about what it represents to me, in my head. It's funny though, it's like the music that came out when you were younger, you get sort of stuck. Don't you? Or the music you liked, at the point in your life when you liked music. That matters. That's a much better way of saying it.

Like, Mono.

This album, I think, really holds up. It's the type of thing that I would like to make. A big commercial success for like a minute, but real arty and smart and sincere and of it's time. In an Yvonne Rainer way, of its time. Or that Grace Jones lyric: "Right on time I feel I'm right on time."

Even if it's a time in the past tense.

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