Alright, look. That guy who's eaten nothing but pizza for 25 years? That is a hoax. It's not true. You can't live like that. You would definitely become very ill and die. That guy did not eat only pizza for 25 years. It's a stunt. It's a performance art piece. It's me in drag. It's a performance I did. I had my friend take photos and I had someone else write an article about me and then I had other people tell everyone about the article. I just wanted to put that idea out there, into the world: that it's okay to eat pizza every day for 25 years and nothing else. That it's possible, that it's okay. That you can be cute and thin and have a "girlfriend". I decided it had to be a heterosexual because otherwise the gay thing would kind of overpower the rest of the story. So to keep it more universal or mainstream, he has a girlfriend. But she's cool with it! He's a vegetarian. He stuck to his guns. And he's fine. Some doctors say he's not but doctors are crooks. You can't trust anyone. He's fine. He does it every day. I just wanted to see, to show you all what that would look like. Was the idea I had.

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