Packed, Packing

It feels like I had a wildly unproductive weekend, but I guess that's not really true. I just feel sort of unproductive because I'm so exhausted.

Thursday night, I went to ClampArt to see Pages, the new photo exhibition by Linda Simpson. Linda is definitely my favorite drag queen in new York City, maybe in the whole world, and has been making NYC a fantastic place to be for a minute now. She is a performer, a hostess, and a writer. She published the legendary zine My Comradefor many years, and has thrown some of my favorite events in the City ever. I'm so excited that her sort of living archive of documenting New York has been given this life as Fine Art, thanks to ClampArt and Peradam (Pages is also being published as an art book by Paradam).

After the show I went to Analysis and talked about my new show MAPPLETHORPE at Brooklyn Arts Exchange. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW. I'm so nervous, and excited. And nervous! I hope you can come to it. After Analysis I went to the Monster to go to dear heart Aaron's new party LOVER, but it was already over. K&M came by with cute boy cousins, though, and we all had some drinks. Then we went on to one of the cousins' house, in the Village, and I saw his cute little dog and he put on a Star Wars movie and fixed cocktails and we hung out a bit more, talked about movie actresses we like/don't like. I sneaked home when they ordered dumplings.

I came home and tried to sleep but my neighbors got a new sound system or something; the courtyard was blasting music all night. I couldn't make most of it out (salsa?) but I know they played "Rock the Boat" a few dozen times. I didn't sleep, I felt horrible the next day.

Friday after work I went to James Fuentes to see the re staging of the Real Estate Show.

It was a madhouse! It was totally great. Obviously I love Colab. I studied with Robin Winters for two years in college and am deeply inspired be this group of artists and this show, their bodies of work in general. Definitely get into it. The show was packed. It was so much fun.

Came back to Brooklyn and went to a surprise birthday party for Diego in Greenpoint. He was really surprised! It was great. His BF organized it and did a bang-up job. We all had a great time. I ordered a pizza to be delivered to the bar, I felt so fancy. What a strange, quiet, weird bar in Greenpoint. Some lady at the bar, a regular, I want to say her name was Marie, had a special shot made, named after her, and didn't explain what was in it, but bought one for Wilkes, who drank it and then went on an international vacation (before the pizza got there). I did a lil' flirting and I also ate two birthday cupcakes. Sister Pico brought macarons, the fancy kind, and I had one of those too. It was awesome. I was so sleepy though, from Thursday night. I only drank tequila with the thinking being that it would keep me awake. I guess it sort of did.

Sam McKinniss, Ghostface

Saturday I met up with my friend Daniel R. to talk about making a video for MAPPLETHORPE and we got coffee in the East Village. Then we went to Good Work Gallery in Bushwick to see "First responders", a group show curated by Zach Smith. From the curator's statement: "Reflection doesn’t guarantee thorough results. Impulse can be refined, but flashes of the uncanny are rarely if ever reverse engineered." He's clever. I had only ever met him socially, but was really bowled over by his thinking about the show. And the show itself. Such cute work! Sam is obviously a favorite, I'm totally a fan, and I also loved Deanna Havas' pieces. It's a tiny gallery, I drank some beers and chatted with some kids. No one could get into the bathroom so we kept running across the street to go to the bathroom at the bar.

It was a kind of Spring-y, lovely, and kind of cold night. And I was exhausted and I went home early. It's so weird. I was like, in bed and passing out before midnight. I don't feel old, I've always pulled shit like that. I just really wanted to sleep, you know? I really wanted to sleep and I didn't really want to drink or anything else. So I didn't.

Sunday I got up early and I went to the theater writer / performer support group organized by the lovely Lady Rim. Always such a nourishing and grounding and hilarious time. Kudos to everyone for meeting, y'know, at noon on a Sunday. We did it! Then I came home, got a sandwich, took a lil nap and went to the gym. I thought I had booked a rehearsal for myself, which I definitely sorely need, leading up to the show. No such luck. I had, it turns out, rescheduled my Sunday rehearsal for Saturday, and forgotten about it. So that was neat. I came home after the gym, did some chores and errands, and then went on over to Joe's Pub.

At Joe's, we were celebrating Earl Dax' blessed birth with an epick cabaret line-up. Performers included the legendary drag faux-king MorrisSHE, citizen Reno, Justin Sayre, Machine Dazzle, Amber Martin, Nick Hallett, Phoebe Legere, Joey Arias, John Kelly Needles Jones and yours truly. SO much fun. I did a little bit of MAPPLETHORPE, so I guess it's ok I didn't have rehearsal that day, but still.

Photo by Albert Mitchell 

You guys I'm a singer. I had a few glasses of wine, and then we went upstairs to the Library and hung out a bit more. I gushed over how obsessed with Amber Martin I am (so obsessed). I went home at a reasonable hour, I thought.

On my block, a few dozen yards from home, I twisted my ankle, really badly. I heard and felt a loud crunch sound. It really fucked me up. I hobbled home and into bed. How awful, you know? I watched a documentary about Heavy D & The Boys. I don't know why. I didn't finish it.

Monday I took the day off work for feeling tired and burnt out. I met with someone about a new secret web project (watch this and all spaces), came home and lulled about the house, answering e-mails and catching up on work. Some exciting things coming up! Even beyond MAPPLETHORPE which is the big ugly scary exciting thing looming in my life. Though, of course, there are the events in the post below (Tommy's app release party and an event with Rumi). If you come to these events, 4/15 and 4/17 respectively, I'll be name-dropping a discount code for MAPPLETHORPE tickets so that you can buy them for $5 instead of $15, so. You know. You want to come.

Yesterday I went to work and it was just okay. We had waffles. Afterward I went to the dentist and got a clean bill of dental health, which means the world to me. He cleaned my teeth using high-powered baking soda. It tasted disgusting but it made my teeth look nice. Then I went to the Kitchen for this art talk featuring the Blow. People were talking about audiences. It was in conjunction with Gerard and Kelly's new piece there, Timelining. They talked briefly about notions of the audience versus the public. And about getting over relational aesthetics. I'm still not over it either! Still not over them.

On the train there, a young girl dragging a guitar case sat down next to me and propped up her guitar to hide her backpack. I could see, since she was sitting next to me, that in her backpack she had a tube of uncooked chocolate chip cookie dough, which she was sort of slurping on the train ride. At the Kitchen, I hadn't eaten all day, since the work waffles, and they had drinks there. I had one beer and I felt a little drunk. And then I had another and then I had a glass of white wine and then I had a glass of red wine and still! No dinner yet. A cute guy sat down next to me when I first arrived, and took off his overcoat. He was wearing a cute little red blazer underneath. After a few drinks, towards the end of the Art Talk, I noticed that while the nails on his right hand were plain, unadorned, the nails on his left hand were very long, very pointy, and painted a shiny dark blue. A gorgeous surprise, right.

I hung out for a tiny bit after the talk, I met a nice girl from New Zealand. Talked a little bit about Lorde and the Tall Poppy Syndrome. I went home and made a big salad for dinner. I woke up extra early this morning, 5:30am, and went to the gym. My ankle felt okay, I only did elliptical. But then at work I was talking and I somehow twisted my ankle again. I hate paid. I'm leaving work soon and going out to dinner and I feel optimistic and a little bit freaked out.

So many events, shows, performances coming up. Really exciting stuff, but yeah. Just a lot.

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