Earth Sign

After work on Friday night I hustled down to Park Slope, for the first of two blessed birthday celebrations I went to for arty Taurean geniuses, both of whom have names that start with J. There are certain times of year when I find myself wishing a lot of people Happy Birthday, and this is one of those times. I love my Taurus friends. I love going to parties. I love physical pleasure, the Earth, etc. All this Taurus shit. Standing your ground. Being patient and persistent and stubborn. Neutral colors. The whole thing, I love it.

I also love exhausting myself. I went to the first party and I ate delicious cake and drank Prosecco (it's only champagne, after all, if it's from Champagne). I hustled back home to Williamsburg to get changed, and I ate a piece of pizza just so I wouldn't have an empty stomach. I headed into the city for the second birthday party of the night. By that point it was really raining, really pouring. Cats and dogs. I made it to the fete and saw tons of friends and lovely people. And they have the best snacks, really the best snack spread I'd ever seen. Tons (literal tons) of guacamole and limes for cocktails. As Baby Genius Sam pointed out, limes are quite rare right now, so this was a real treat. Avocados are historically difficult and expensive to find here in New York, so I do like to avail myself of them whenever I can. There's bad cholesterol and then there's good cholesterol and when you find some good cholesterol, honey, you have to stuff it into your body as fast as you fucking can. Took lots of smoke breaks and gossiped a lot. Called it a night fairly early, felt pretty responsible and lovely about that.

Saturday I woke up early and cleaned my room in advance of having my photo taken. Ana from Adult Magazine came over to to a little feature, called "Mornings After" which they do with folks in their bedrooms. You can see the feature on me here. Then what? Oh, errands. You know I'm changing up all my room mates. I had to get the internet service switched to my name, which necessitated a trip to the cable company. They had these cool video fishtanks. At one retro and also kind of practical. A little mean-spirited, maybe more ecological. A video fishtank seems an apt metaphor for my generation. Digital video, I mean.

Came home and slowly got ready for the Scorcher zine launch at the Bureau of General Services Queer Division. It was a real fucking blast, I must say. So many lovely people came out and hung around and bought zines, and I had some of my absolute favorite people reading with me: Sam McKinniss, Anthony Thornton, Kayla Morse and Tommy Pico. I'm so happy and relieved that the new issue is out, and I want everyone to see it! If you live in New York, please support the Bureau by going to buy a copy at their store.

If you live outside of the City, you can order a copy of the new issue of Scorcher online HERE. After the reading people all decided what they wanted to do with themselves. Some folks went to various parties. I tried to convince miss Jiddy No-No to come to a housewarming party in Bushwick with me, but I couldn't convince her to come past Beverly's where we met up with my new room mate a Texan Lady. Jiddy begged off and we took a cab to Bushwick to go to a Gay Poetry housewarming party which also featured new room mates friends. The world is at one small and large. How lovely. I got kind of really drunk, it was great. Took a car home with some new acquaintances. I love sharing cabs. They obviously continued on to their destination. I had a lot to drink that night.

So much so that on Sunday morning I felt like a real wreck. Really terrible. Really bad. I went to rehearse for a bit at BAX, which did kind of make me feel better, but there was a street festival going on outside, and the noise, and crowds of drunken parents and unsupervised children was overwhelming. I've been chain-smoking for a few weeks now, and starting to feel the effects of that. Today so far I've had no tobacco and don't anticipate having any until Thursday night. After rehearsal I ate a slice of kind of gross pizza and took a tiny nap and then hustled over to the Delancey for the Pussy Faggot 5-Year Anniversary party. I helped out my hero Jill Pangallo by pressing play on the videos of her performance, an updated version of her solo show Hope is Expensive, at the start of the night. She is amazing and hilarious and horrifying and touching and makes me want to watch more art and make more and better art. I just loved it. Penny Arcade hosted the evening, Joey Arias made a performance cameo, I sang my reggaeton Laura Nyro cover. Someone told me afterward that the bass was so loud as to be unlistenable. That was not something I was aware of, the sound guys are in charge of that, but I was pretty pleased. I've never been told that the bass for one of my performances was too loud. That's a first. Gay Bass, it's a thing I've often wanted.

The show was great, but I begged off early because I had work in the morning. A wonderful but exhausting weekend. I am looking forward to new projects at a slightly slower pace. My ipod broke and so I'm getting it fixed, it's a real bummer. My sunglasses broke too which also sucks, since those I can't get fixed. Last night I went to the gym for the first time in like a week and it felt amazing. I ordered takeout and did a little research project with baby Bobo, and I wanted bad TV in bed and ate a popsicle and slept very hard.

Tonight I have to pick up my iPod, pick up my laundry, buy groceries. Then I'm going to eat dinner, try to wrangle my parents on the phone so I can plan a trip home, and go to an art opening in Clinton Hill. Can I do it all? I'm going to try. Oh-- and then I want to meet folks at a bar to celebrate another birthday.

But I think it counts as being Gemini now? Or maybe it's just, right-- today we're on the cusp.

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