The Look for Tonight

Forgot to say that yesterday I also went to Reena Spaulings, to see the opening exhibition of Jutta Koether's new show, Champrovent, which I liked very much. The F train was super duper slow in coming which made me kind of frustrated when i walked in, but Koether's new collection was a kind of tonic. This is smart art, for intellectual people. But it's also, you know, accessible, chromatic, appealing. You don't necessarily need to have a strong opinion about Balthus or Lucian Freud in order to appreciate the show (Goddess knows I don't) but it might help. I've seen bits and pieces of Koether's work over the years in a few different places, and I've always found it interesting and work checking out. It's cool, it's smart. It's pretty and kind of ugly, sometimes. It's formal and it's also pretty wild. Definitely capital A Art. Definitely academy-damaged. Dinged up by being dragged through the library. Well-worn like a good book that's been shared. It's not necessarily elitist or anything, but it is something considered. It's art for self-selecting art viewers. Kind of art about making art. Questions about how we ask questions. Pictures of feelings you might have in your studio (the place to make pictures). Absolutely worth the trip downtown. Fuck an art fair.

I've been thinking a lot about this notion of being an "artist's artist". It's kind of snobby, right? But also kind of humble? I feel like I am an artist's artist, or I'd like to be. I want the people who see me to be other artists, who have their own ideas about what they want to do, and to evaluate my "art work" in that way. I want to be a writer's writer. I don't know if I think that mainstream, widespread attention is necessarily successful. I think it's really easy to be misinterpreted, if you're speaking to the broadest possible audience. I guess I haven't made up my mind. But sometimes I see stuff that's like, art for artists, and not in a snobby inside-joke way, and it's so inspiring. I think of, like, Lydia Davis or Mary Heilmann-- these are people who are kind of artists' artists, you know? I want to be like that. Cole made a cute joke on twitter that resonated with me: I want to be a top's top and a bottom's bottom. I guess I so often feel like a weirdo, a freak, and yet am told that in some ways I'm not-- I'm always obsessed with that perimeter. I'm so into the context. I'm always wondering: What's the look for tonight? I mean, I guess that's my semi-stupid way of understanding or expressing this anxiety. I think lots of us have it, right?

SO you guys. There's a new issue of Scorcher and it's out this Saturday May 17th. You can see information about the event on Facebook here.

Bureau of General Services-Queer Division
83A Hester Street, New York, New York 10002

Celebrating the release of Scorcher issue #7 (“Valedictorian”), published by Birdsong Micropress, please join Max Steele at the Bureau of General Services Queer Division for an evening of readings by: Max Steele, Tommy Pico, Anthony Thornton, Kayla Morse and Sam McKinniss.

The new issue has been three years in the making, and features contributions by Julia Norton, Danielle Rosa, Anthony Thornton and Kayla Morse. The new issue will be available for a special discounted price of $4 at the Bureau on Saturday. Otherwise, it's $5 a pop, and for those of you not in NYC you can purchase the new zine online here.

You can read the title story from the new issue ("Valedictorian") now on Lambda Literary. You can also check out an excerpt from "Woodstock", another new story, up now on Adult Mag.

I haven't really had the chance to really pump this event the way I normally would want to, so I really hope people come! I'm very proud of the new zine, and it's always funny for me, to think I've been doing this for so long. That there are people out there who only know me as a writer. It's fun. I'm reading on the 17th, so is everyone else, it'll be kind of a great time, I think.

And then on Sunday 5/18, it's the Pussy Faggot Five Year Anniversary blowout at the Delancey! I'm very excited to say I'll be singing a little number at that one, along with Penny Arcade and the rest of the PF Luminaries, including homegirls Potpurri of Pearls and Jill Pangallo, among many others. Tickets are only $5 if you buy them ONLINE. You can see the full line-up HERE.

Maybe I should send out a mass e-mail this week. Who wants a mass e-mail?

The weather is getting nice and I am feeling optimistic and romantic. Tonight I'm going to go grocery shopping and go to the gym and I feel pretty, I dunno. Okay. Rolling with the punches. But yeah, some things I wish were happening more intensely than they are. Let's... work on that?

Here is a movie my awesome friend Caroline Contillo made on 16mm film, featuring yours truly. It's a little premonition of a cool event that will happen very soon in June and as soon as the details are all confirmed I'll tell y'all all about it, but for now check out the cuteness.

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