Just Be Nice

Was yesterday the Full Moon? Is it over? I feel it. I've been feeling it. The idea, I'm told is to practice letting go. Confronting. Realizing, discovering. I thought I fucked up my tooth implant. It was terrifying. Now it feels okay. In general I feel very cautious and worried. There's so much to catch up on. There're infinite ways of going about anything but why, actually, bother, you know?

Have a thought then squash it out. Think something, think about saying something, then decide it's not worth saying, and don't say anything.

Stop. Give up. Then start again. Keep going. Keep standing still. Stay. Sit.

I wonder if I've posted this video before. I love this song and I can't believe there's a video of it. It's from Kathleen Hanna singing on Atari Teenage Riot's "No Success". I have always loved this cameo of hers, it's as close to rapping as she tended to get in the 1990s, basically prefiguring Mykki Blanco, and a good message for a song, anyway, right? No Success. Fuck it.

Kind of a bummer that Johanna's in the vid but doesn't seem to be on the song. It's strange to think this is 15 years ago. 16?

I feel so weird and bad. Here are two things that are cheering me up today:

#1: PJ Harvey is making a new album in a museum/gallery where you can watch and that's all great, but check out this photo of her playing the saxophone:

Did you know that the saxophone was Peej's original instrument? It's true. I am hoping she makes a very groovy Jazz record.

#2: The new face of CĂ©line is Joan Didion. This is real:

So those are nice, right?

Tonight I'm going to an art show and a performance and then I'm going to see so many shows this weekend. I'm trying to focus on what could be good. What could work out.

I'm not having any booze in January. So far so good.

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