Now we're obsessed. Now we love him. Now we know better. Now we see.

My laptop broke. I have to get the battery replaced, so I don't have a laptop for a few days. It's kind of nice. It's like being back before the internet, in a way. I have to read books and listen to records. My room mate Molly rightfully noted that I must love that. I do, in a way.

But I'm also relieved, or it seems like good timing to not be so online right now. Because things are not going very well. I feel like I've been abusing my access to the internet. I want to think that things like writing online and using social media can help me navigate my anxiety and loneliness, but they also sometimes seem to exacerbate it.

I guess there's just no relief. But the upside is I can't, for the time being, drive more people away since I can't be on twitter all the time.

I am in pain and I am trying to be patient but it hurts and I don't know why.

I am in this play at the Treehouse theater and no one I know has come to see it.

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