I'm still thinking I want to end this blog on August 24th. Not sure what comes next. I want to do more writing, in a way for more people to see it. And maybe the blog was a good way to do this, then not such a good way. But now it feels like it's becoming a good way again! But I have to move on. Romance Astrology Akathisia Revenge are no longer my main concerns. Really it's just that revenge isn't interesting to me. Revenge was because I was mad at Scott Panther for breaking up with me.

On my Birthday at I took myself to lunch at Zabar's. I sat next to coven of old women talking about buying pharmaceutical stocks. Now is the time apparently. They're not gonna get any lower. They're only gonna go up. This is what you miss if you work in an office or do something with your days. You miss the gangs of older people leisurely having endless breakfast on rainy mid-August Monday afternoons. Placing bets. Flipping through tabloids and crumbling pastries with their fingertips, absentmindedly. Calling out predictions to each other, but not really listening or engaging in conversation. A flock of doomsday sayers. Recommending Israeli genetic stock options. I nursed my gazpacho and rugelach (singular).

I got a copy of The Ambient Century by Mark Prendergast. I've just started to read it. It's a bit like Ambient reading? Ambient criticism? Ambient cataloguing?

I got copy of the Raincoats Odyshape LP. It's maybe my favorite but only because it has some of my favorite songs. I think it's their saddest and most poetic album (so far).

One of my favorite Raincoats songs. I prefer this to the 1994 version, even though that version came on a 10". Which I'm still looking for.

I bought myself a pair of Versace socks, embroidered with a Medusa head, and a pack of blue Calvin Klein underwear.

On Sunday I had a kind of party, I had people meet me at the Metropolitan Barbecue. Merrie Cherry and Charlene performed, which I didn't know they were slated to do, and they were fantastic and I love them.

My lover brought me a hilarious and delicious cake, that said Happy Birthday Down There because he knows how much I loved this picture which I found on Cake Wrecks.

I didn't get a picture of my birthday cake but it was perfect and delicious and sort of flesh- or skin-toned, which I liked.

oh no wait Tyler posted a picture of me and bae with the cake:

I also got a painting from Logan

And I also just a painting from Jiddy last week as a gift for collaborating together on her recent residency installation project. Video coming soon.

I also got a new toothbrush, which feels sort of extravagant. So yes. Quite a haul. So much to carry with me and so much now, to discard. It's eclipse season and Mercury is going Retrograde. And there was an eclipse on my Birthday. I didn't feel it. There's another (bigger? worse?) eclipse at the end of the month.

I saw a kind of weird movie at MoMA Death Ray On Coral Island. Exhausting, in the way science fiction always is for me. I was also very tired and a little bit hungover.

I sort of drifted in and out of sleep while watching. It was tense and gorgeous and relaxing somehow?

Got dinner, got a drink. Went to the Issey store this morning but not feeling quite so flush.

What's it called?

Want to be a new thing.
What to carry with me, haul on my back into this next chapter.
Yeah astrology yeah weather. I have my doubts, I got my fears.

Sometimes I lose my appetite, and other times I am so deliriously ravenous that I forget it or sublimate it. Make it a ghost that haunts me.

Things are perfect and yet...
Could be more so. Could be quicker (what couldn't?)
It might be that I've eaten myself sick.

These electric flyswatters just don't seem to work. Which I guess is good, I don't know how I feel about being an insect murderer. It doesn't matter because I'm not murdering them. The fly swatter seems to mostly stun but rarely kill flies.

Is this one of those summers where cicadas come back? Why am I swarmed with insects all of a sudden? Two other things from this weekend:

Birds have been trying to get into my room, too. Hanging out on my air conditioner, pecking at my window screen. Just for one morning this weekend. I don't know why but I liked it. I thought maybe for my birthday.

Also, I saw a dead body. Lying on a gurney, covered by a sheet, sitting outside of a funeral home. I don't know if it was on its way in or out but I saw it and passed by without registering for a few steps.

My stomach ache. Fear. An itch on my neck. I need to eat a salad. Do some push-ups. Write. I wanna write the zine tonight.

Only just organizing. Feel on the verge of some kind of insight. Some slight accrual of perspective.

The Jessica Lanyadoo horoscope for Leo this week said "Just because you don’t know what comes next doesn’t mean that you have anything to worry about."

I have to keep reminding myself of this. I feel that in so many ways I'm in a different place than I was before. Listening to Mahler on the train this morning.

Cooking mistakes. Bad decisions. I regret so many things. And other things I do not regret at all. I'm jealous and sad and I miss people, things, places. Where did they go? Surely it's that they've left. I've stayed out. Some people who've unfriended me. Who've cut me off. Some I know and some I don't. Feel sad but only the shape of sadness. Not actually missing the person or something, just more the principal of the thing.

The only drag I know is junkie drag and that's no longer socially appropriate. For other reasons. For reasons on the other end. Coming from the other direction. Courtney Love drag.

The epitome of drag, for me is MayGay as  Courtney Love at the Gilman punk prom. I feel like that photo exists in museums somewhere. It's perfect, an invocation of her not just as a goddess but as a person, corporeal. Probably a candy cigarette or not even really smoking yet.

It is so humbling to remember that Courtney Love has a much more developed, committed and rigorous spiritual practice than I do.

Courtney Love has been a Buddhist for many years. She says about Buddhism that "you chant for shit you want, and you get it."

I've often thought of Courtney as a Boddhisattva figure so seems fitting to close this blog circling back to her. But to portray the goddess as pregnant with cigarette in hand. Unthinkable.

The point is I only know drag as it invokes for me the goddess of humanity. Drag that takes itself seriously but with a sick sad humor. One that's in on the joke but only nominally. A drag whose frailty cannot be faked, photographed, measured, conveyed nor performed. A drag of sickness. Now though to be a junkie drag queen is something else I suppose. I've never been either one but as they say it's never too late.

But one wonders could Courtney Love have more to teach us? About survival, ignorance, sickness, desire? The Tao of Courtney Love. I'm not entirely kidding.

If not the literal Courtney Michelle love Harrison Cobain than I mean the figurative Courtney Love. Whatever Courtney Love means to you.

Maybe to you Courtney Love means the Lois Maffeo/Pat Maley band. Whose output is maybe more gorgeous than anything the other homonym ever made.

But that's just the point: is religion or something a useful feeling? Junkie Drag is not sure. Junkie Drag might not care, might have higher fish to fry. Might be shooting up backstage at the opera house.

I wanted to be junkie drag queen, to be both of and beyond. A joke but sad one. Insistent and human but also... glamorous. But mortal.

Is Lana junkie drag queen?

It's not funny maybe I shouldn't even use the word junkie. This might be the next battlefield of identity politics, junkiedom. What's the word? For when you don't have chemical problems in your brain? Neurotypical? I wonder. But then here as ever is the problem that these distinctions don't jive at first either the dharma. I mean no I know I'm getting it wrong I just. Ouch. Stuck on a train underground with a bad headache. Neck ache. Tension headache. I meant to go see Sister Nancy but it didn't work. I got there too late. Am I just writing so that I protect myself? Junkie drag queen says calm down. But not too much.

I suppose my religion is being gay. Alterity.

I'm one of those fags who thinks everyone's gay and isn't shy about sharing that knowledge. Everyone can be gay.

Can just refuse; do something else. Hold ourselves and each other to a different standard. Keep moving the goalposts. Refuse the game. Not of mortality but of competition. Only when a status quo of human beings get on board will this change. Be it Buddha or Courtney or some other kind of nonbelief. Gayness is my way out and through. Someday soon we'll laugh about the time we used to use such small silly words for it.

This isn't the finished essay of Courtney Love or Junkie Drag. Those might be different topics.

I love how Laetitia Sadier so often uses the metaphor of gardening for making music. Growing different crops on the same path. So smart. Ugh. Mom.

Should've said more before. This was all written through last week.

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